Postal Unions call on Obama, DOL to withdraw proposal to reduce workers’ comp benefits

NPMHU: Postal Unions Call On DOL to Withdraw Support for Misguided FECA Reform Measures June 15, 2015) In a joint letter to the Department of Labor, Postal Union Presidents Paul V. Hogrogian (NPMHU), Fredric V. Rolando (NALC), Mark Dimondstein (APWU), and Jeanette Dwyer (NRLCA) object to the department’s unjustified proposal to reduce workers’ compensation benefits. […]

Obama, GOP pushing cuts to Workers’ Comp for Federal and Postal Workers

According to the Washington Post: President Obama’s administration, with support from House Republicans, is pushing reductions to workers’ compensation for federal employees — to the consternation of fellow Democrats and his union allies. Like the Obama administration, Rep. Tim Walberg (Mich.), the Republican chairman of a House Education and the Workforce subcommittee, cited “concerns” that […]

Potential Participants in Class-Action Settlement Should Exercise Caution, APWU Warns

Update from Don Cheney: “Some Pittman EEO class members think that previously settled claims and grievances are affected. They are not. Rather, it is outstanding claims and grievances that would be waived by signing the Claim Form and Release. The one exception is the McConnell EEO class action regarding the National Reassessment Process. Pittman EEO […]

USPS wins appeal of court decision granting APWU request to throw out arbitration award

In 2013 the United States District Court granted  APWU’s motion to vacate an arbitration award regarding the elimination of a injured on duty postal clerk’s position. APWU argued that the Arbitrator had exceeded his powers under relevant agreement by applying the doctrine of collateral estoppel against union .  USPS appealed the 2013 judgment  of the […]

Editorial: Traps in the Pittman vs. USPS EEO Settlement

On May 5, 2014, the Postal Service mailed to RJ Pittman (aka Edmond Walker) EEO class members a Claim Form and Release. Buried in the Release are some severe consequences to be aware of. Pittman EEO class members consist of disabled employees in permanent rehabilitation assignments/limited duty positions whose duty hours during the period from […]