Video: Postal imposter spotted stealing packages in Pleasant Hill

PLEASANT HILL (KPIX 5) — Postal imposters are a problem plaguing a lot of communities. Pleasant Hill is the latest city to get hit. One woman has been spotted driving around in an old United States Postal Service truck without license plates, opening people’s mailboxes and stealing what’s inside. “Lately it seems like it’s happening […]

Video: man stole holiday mail, packages from post office to support drug habit

SPRING HILL, Fla. -Holiday packages, checks, and gift cards were all reportedly swiped from a Spring Hill post office Tuesday. Customers count on extra security when dropping off letters and packages in person. “That’s a treasure trove of information inside the post office,” said USPS customer Linda LeClair-Leblenc. But they didn’t count on Jonathon Bizuk, […]

Video: Riverbank Calif mail thief shamed on social media, but other crooks await Cyber Monday

About a month ago, Riverbank residents caught on a security video a woman stealing a package that had just been delivered to their front porch. The residents turned over the video, and Detective Jon Gingerich posted it on the Riverbank Police Services’ online site. He also distributed it to the media, including Then Facebook […]

Video: Mail carrier tackles, pins package thief to the ground on Milwaukee’s east side

11/18/2016 MILWAUKEE — Signed, sealed, delivered… and robbed. A mail carrier tried to deliver two packages but gets robbed — but the thieves didn’t get away. Those near Arlington and Warren say the robbers picked the wrong guy to mess with. And the robbers can now face federal charges due to what was inside those […]

Video: Brazen burglars steal mail using master key in Pasadena condo complex

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) — Bold and brazen burglary suspects were caught on camera breaking into mailboxes and more than half a dozen cars at a Pasadena condominium complex. The burglary happened around 4 a.m. Thursday. At one point in the surveillance video, the suspects point to the camera while they committed the crime. It appears […]

Video: Suspected Thieves Use Key to Clean Out Mailboxes in Sherman Oaks CA

Residents of a Sherman Oaks condominium complex are concerned after two suspected mail thieves were caught on camera using keys to enter a secured building before emptying out multiple mailboxes. “They went through everyone’s mailbox and got away with quite a few things,” said Mike Mazzo, a resident of the building. Surveillance video showed a […]

Video: Thieves target South Austin community’s mailboxes

AUSTIN, TX (KXAN) — Neighbors in a South Austin community want some answers, after thieves targeted their mailboxes. Two separate incidents happened in October, and now the Postal Inspector is investigating. Tampering with them is a serious crime. “If they prosecute you, you’re going to a federal prison, that’s a little different than a state […]