NALC: It is unclear if Trump’s federal hiring freeze applies to USPS

Statement to NALC members from President Rolando on Trump administration’s federal hiring freeze Yesterday, President Donald Trump issued an executive order to all federal departments and agencies to freeze all hiring effective Jan. 22, 2017. NALC President Fredric Rolando has issued the following statement to NALC members: Based on our initial review and internal legal […]

NALC: Trump’s federal hiring freeze

NALC: It is unclear if Trump’s federal hiring freeze applies to USPS   NAPS received the following statement from USPS Headquarters on January 24, 2017  regarding the 2017 Hiring Freeze. “The Postal Service provides an essential service to the people and businesses of the United States, and is a critical part of our nation’s infrastructure.  […]

Postal Workers Campaign Activity while on Leave under Investigation is posting this non-story to highlight the length right-wing websites will go to attack Postal and Federal Workers Media Trackers has learned that an investigation is underway into U.S. Postal Service employees at two central Wisconsin post offices who were given leaves of absence to campaign for Democratic candidates Russ Feingold for Senate and […]

NALC President: USPS financial report shows $610m operating profit –$3.2b since 2013

Statement from Fredric Rolando, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, on USPS’ annual financial report: Today’s Postal Service financial report shows a $610 million operating profit for Fiscal Year 2016, demonstrating the strength of the postal turnaround. USPS now has three straight years of operating in the black, with a total operating profit […]

Postal News Recap: Trump victory, late night mail delivery, carrier assault

Postal Worker charged with identity theft can remain on job HOUSTON – A 26-year-old Houston postal worker may already be back on the job just one day after being charged by the feds. D’angela Domio [a City Carrier Assistant for two years] and five others are accused of preying on people’s personal information and stealing […]

NALC President Rolando’s statement on 2016 election results

Here is a statement by Fredric Rolando, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, about the results of the 2016 general election for president and for members of Congress: Although yesterday’s election did not turn out as we had hoped, the American people have spoken. Our endorsement of Hillary Clinton, and of so many […]

NALC: Trump 100-day contract with voters could leave 15,000 letter carrier jobs vacant each year

The second item in Donald Trump’s 100-day “Contract with the American Voter” could leave more than 15,000 letter carrier jobs vacant each year and prevent city carrier assistants (CCAs) from being converted to full-time career employees. #1uVote #1u ~15,000 letter carrier jobs vacant each year + no CCA conversions = @realDonaldTrump’s 100-day “Contract w/ the […]

USPS: APWU, NALC Penalty Overtime Exclusion Period for 2016

 – As referenced in Article 8, sections 4 and 5, of the USPS-NALC and USPS-APWU national agreements, the December period (during which penalty overtime regulations are not applicable) consists of four consecutive service weeks. This year, the December period begins Pay Period 25-16, Week 2 (December 3, 2016) and ends Pay Period 01-17, Week 1 […]

Two former NALC Branch Treasurers sentenced for stealing over $47,000 in union funds

On September 21, 2016, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, John McCain, former Secretary-Treasurer of National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) Branch 1016 (located in Poplar Bluff, Mo.), was sentenced to a two years of probation and was ordered to pay a $2,000 fine and a $100 assessment.  Restitution […]

NALC wins Arbitration case on USPS ‘Work and Time Standards’ Video Recording

Important NALC win: National-level arbitration case decided on ‘Work and Time Standards Video Recording’ USPS notified NALC of its plan to use video recordings of letter carriers in upcoming NALC contract talks and possibly interest arbitration. NALC filed a national-level grievance after USPS informed them of the plan to conduct a unilateral review of city […]