House Oversight Committee introduces bipartisan postal reform bill, hearing on USPS scheduled Feb 7

The bill resembles last year’s House bill, but with some differences. The MSPB provision has been modified and simplified, in part to add OIG employees.  This will require a closer look, although this is a moving train, and Chaffetz’ strategy will be to get this bill passed early in this session. Although not yet announced […]

USPS unclear on impact of Trump’s federal hiring freeze

NAPS received the following statement from USPS Headquarters on January 24, 2017 at 5:38 p.m. ET regarding the 2017 Hiring Freeze. “The Postal Service provides an essential service to the people and businesses of the United States, and is a critical part of our nation’s infrastructure.  In view of our independent status, past Executive Orders […]

NAPS: Could Big Civil Service Changes Lie Ahead?

Could Big Civil Service Changes Lie Ahead?   1/13/17 Sweeping changes (here and here) to civil service rules and employee compensation could come about under plans being prepared by President-elect Trump’s transition team and the GOP-controlled Congress. Last November’s anti-Washington mandate has put a bulls-eye on the federal bureaucracy as part of efforts to “drain […]

NAPS Comments on House Postal Reform Bill

NAPS – 6/29/16 – The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee recently introduced a discussion draft on postal reform legislation, which addresses prefunding, health care benefits, and the MSPB rights of postal supervisors. National Association of Postal Supervisors President Louis Atkins issued a letter to Committee leadership addressing the Association’s concerns as well as the […]

NAPS: USPS OIG to conduct unannounced Financial Control Audits

From the National Association of Postal Supervisors: May 18, 2016 Attention Members, The Office of Inspector General will be starting Financial Control audits at all postal facilities. Teams will show up unannounced with the attached letter. Audits will consist of; *Voyager Cards *Money Orders *Voided Transactions *Excessive Refunds *BMEU Indicators When the OIG performs these […]

NAPS: USPS Releases Guidelines Regarding Temporary Involuntary Reassignments

The Postal Service has issued a directive that outlines when temporary involuntary reassignments are to be utilized. This document was issued after ongoing feedback and discussion between NAPS and the Postal Service. The Postal Service and NAPS joint objective in this document is to ensure that any temporary reassignment is done in a way that […]

Postal Supervisor charged with stealing over $15,000 from NAPS in Fairbanks AK

A federal grand jury on Wednesday indicted Kenneth James Vanderwyst, 54. Vanderwyst was vice president the Fairbanks Chapter of the National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) until March 31, 2015, when he became President upon the retirement of the previous President. Between about December 1, 2012, and April 7, 2015 he is accused of converting […]

USPS to reduce staffing (RIF) of Customer Service and Post Office Operations Managers

From National Associations of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) : The Postal Service has released it’s staffing proposal for Manager, Post Officer Operations and Manager, Customer Service Operations along with the timeline outlining the associated Reduction in Force. In addition, the Postal Service has released an analysis of each respective position. This will be updated as we […]