Video: USPS consolidation slows down mailing

USPS Cuts Back, Creates Longer First Class Mail Delivery Times U.S. Postal Service consolidation slows down mailing The United States Postal Service lost more than five billion dollars last fiscal year despite sending more packages. To try to survive, the post office is consolidating and cutting services fast: which some say is giving a whole […]

PRC: Analysis of USPS’s FY 2014 Program Performance Report and FY 2015 Performance Plan

July 7, 2015 Washington, DC – In a report issued today, the Postal Regulatory Commission examines the Postal Service’s fiscal year 2014 program performance report and fiscal year 2015 performance plan. The Commission is mandated by statute to review the Postal Service’s goals and make findings as to whether the Postal Service has met those […]

As USPS slows down mail delivery, some letters are taking even longer to arrive than the new rules allow

The U.S. mail is slowing down. In January, the Postal Service eliminated overnight delivery for local first-class letters that used to arrive the next day. Anywhere from 20 percent to half of the rest of the first-class mail sent every day now takes an extra day of delivery time. Service standards have been relaxing since 2012, when the volume […]

200 postal jobs moving from Roanoke VA to Greensboro NC

February 27, 2015 – Roanoke postal employees on Wednesday learned that the U.S. Postal Service is going through with a plan to consolidate the Rutherford Avenue processing center to Greensboro, North Carolina. The consolidation will begin April 18, and affected employees will be notified next week, according to Carlton Cooper, president of the local chapter […]

USPS updates notifications to APWU and Mail Handlers on involuntary reassignments in 2015

USPS has updated notifications to APWU and NPMHU of its intent to involuntarily reassign Clerks, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Service (MVS) and Mail Handlers in the Pacific Area covering California and Hawaii. There is very little impact to management employees. note: This summary created by and compiled from letters sent to the unions named above […]

USPS Network Rationalization 24-Hour Mail Processing Plan

An overview of the new 24-hour mail processing plan. Key Principles There IS an overnight delivery standard for commercial mail  There IS NOT an overnight delivery standard for Single Piece First Class Mail (SPFCM)  There is an overnight delivery performance for both commercial mail and single piece first class mail  Anticipate that […]

City Council in Wisconsin Pass Resolution Opposing Closure of Duluth, MN USPS Mail Facility

The City Council in Superior, Wisconsin passed a resolution opposing the closure of the Duluth Processing and Distribution Facility and  three Duluth branch post offices. The Duluth Processing and Distribution Facility is one of 82 mail processing facilities under consideration for closure/consolidation beginning in January 2015. The City Council’s resolution stated: The Duluth/Superior area could […]

Senators Seek to Protect 15,000 Postal Jobs by stopping USPS from closing 80+ facilities

A group of lawmakers is urging colleagues who are drafting spending bills to prohibit the U.S. Postal Service from moving forward with its plan to close 80 more processing facilities. The Postal Service announced last month that in January 2015 it would begin the previously delayed second phase of its “network rationalization” plan. Twenty-two senators […]

APWU: Senate Can Help Stop Service Cuts & Plant Closures

Protect the Postal Network The Postal Service generated $4.9 billion in new sales opportunities and cut operational costs by $868 million last year through DRIVE, an ambitious program that’s helping the organization make major changes. While the Postmaster moves forward with his disastrous scheme to dismantle the postal network, Congress has the power to undo […]

82 More Postal Facilities to Close; Mailers Expect Not to Notice

It may not be something that Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and his COO Megan Brennan are likely to take credit for in public, but the U.S. Postal Service has become very good at closing and consolidating postal facilities. So good, in fact, that when Donahoe announced in June that the Postal Service would begin implementation […]