NAPUS: Postmasters concerned about USPS elimination of Scheme Qualification from clerk bids

May 8, 2015 NAPUS  and the LEAGUE recently express our concern upon learning of the elimination of scheme qualification to clerk bid jobs after March 23, 2015. At our request a teleconference was held on April 21, 2015, with operations managers at Postal Service to discuss our concerns.   The Postal Service advised that the business decision […]

Another Congressman requests more info from USPS on cyber attack

It appears that USPS has left Members of Congress, unions, postal employees and customers in the dark on the cyber attack. Congressman Darrell Issa said yesterday that USPS knew of the cyber attack two months ago. American Postal Workers Union president Mark Dimondstein said he found out yesterday. National Association of Letter Carriers president Fredric […]

Updated Information on the July 8th LAC Posting for Impacted Postmasters

National League of Postmasters – July 07, 2014 Updated Information on the July 8th LAC Posting for Impacted Postmasters LEAGUE Headquarters wants to remind all impacted Postmasters that the Limited Area of Consideration (LAC) special job posting opens July 8 and closes July 23. The LEAGUE received the attached sample letter which is being sent to Postmasters […]

Postmasters File Complaint With PRC To Put Post Office Closings On Hold

Today,the National Association Of Postmasters Of The United States (NAPUS), The League Of Postmasters (NLPM), Mark Strong, Robert Rapoza, Retired Postmasters Marilyn Shaw and Marilyn Hill filed a complaint with PRC requesting a temporary hold on USPS post office closings. Postmasters request  a ruling  that the Postal Service must obtain an advisory opinion from the  […]

USPS rejects postmasters’ recommendations on saved grade for RIF’d employees

From the National League of Postmasters: The LEAGUE has received official notification that the significant recommendations that LEAGUE and NAPUS submitted in reference to the revisions of Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM) Section 415, Rate Retention and Change to Lower EAS Grade will not be adopted. There was one recommendation that was adopted regarding […]

Postmasters File Objections With USPS on PO Closing Regulations

On Monday, May 2, the National Association of Postmasters of the U.S. (NAPUS) and the National League of Postmasters (LEAGUE) submitted “Public Comments” to the U.S. Postal Service, opposing proposed regulations that would result in the wholesale closing of Post Offices through the nation. In a joint comment, the two postal management organizations illustrated how […]

USPS Proposes Removing Salary Protections For Management Employees

LEAGUE Office Receives Proposal to Revise Salary Protection Provisions in the ELM On January 28, 2011 the LEAGUE office received a letter from John Cavallo, Manager Labor Relations regarding a proposed change to the salary protection provisions in Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM) Section 415, Rate Retention and Change to Lower EAS Grade. Please […]

APWU, Postal Unions Urge Obama To Fix USPS Pension Overfunding

The APWU and other postal unions and management associations have asked President Barack Obama to take “immediate action to save almost 100,000 good, middle-class jobs and stabilize the financial condition” of the Postal Service. “A healthy postal system is critical for a healthy U.S. economy,” the organizations wrote [PDF] on Jan. 12. “The financial problems […]

USPS To Begin Bargaining With Postmasters After Settlement With APWU

Postal Headquarters Announces Expiration of EAS Pay Package (2007-2010). Attached is a copy of a letter from the USPS Vice President of Labor Relations concerning the expiration of the EAS Pay Package (FY-2007-2010). The FY-2010 NPA/PFP payout will be awarded as scheduled in January, 2011. Certain leave provisions for Bereavement, Bone marrow, Stem Cells and […]

Postal Management Groups Ask OIG To Investigate USPS' Failure to Comply With Rules Of PFP Program

The National League of Postmasters and NAPUS have jointly asked USPS Inspector General David Williams to investigate the 2009 Pay For Performance final core requirement ratings and goals. According to the organizations the investigation is based on “the failure of USPS to comply with the administrative rules of the PFP.” The organizations say they have […]