APWU Clashes with USPS on New 3971 Language

12/01/2017 – The Postal Service’s Request for or Notification of Absence (Form 3971) has been amended to include a new section applicable to those going on leave without pay (LWOP) for official union business.  This new section states: LWOP – Union Official (Required Certification) By signing this form, I certify this request is not for […]

USPS has delivered over 2.6 billion pieces of election, political mail since October 2015

USPS tallies election, political mail totals USPS has delivered more than 2.6 billion pieces of election and political mail since October 2015, new data show. These totals include approximately 85 million election mailpieces and about 1.3 billion political mailpieces delivered during the six-week period before Election Day. “The Postal Service plays a significant role in […]

Video: Wisconsin postal worker’s dumping of 3 GOP campaign mailers was not politically motivated

NEENAH (WITI) — A postal worker in Neenah is under investigation — accused of failing to deliver political mailers. The United States Postal Service says it found nearly 900 pieces of campaign mail in a dumpster last week, and all of the flyers were connected to three Republican campaigns. Rohrkaste says he paid $5,000 for that […]

Restrictions on Political Activities for Mail Handlers and Other Postal Employees

With the 2014 mid-term Congressional elections approaching, all NPMHU representatives must remain cognizant of the restrictions on political activities that are imposed by the Hatch Act.  Thanks to changes that were first enacted in 1993, postal and federal employees are allowed to participate in a wide range of political activities.  Some activities r