Jason Chaffetz promises less personal Oversight

11-20-2014 And compared with his predecessor — the colorful and controversial Darrell Issa — he is promising not to let things get too personal as the new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Not with the House GOP leadership, other GOP committee chairmen or even his Democratic colleagues — he and Ranking […]

Video: House Oversight Hearing- Examining Data Security at the United States Postal Service

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform: Examining Data Security at the United States Postal Service, November 19, 2014, 10:30 a.m. in 2154 Rayburn House Office Building Witness and Testimony Documents Mr. Randy Miskanic Vice President of Secure Digital Solutions United States Postal Service Mr. Guy Cottrell Chief Postal Inspector United States Postal Service Inspection […]

NAPS: What the GOP Takeover of Congress Means and Postal Reform’s Future

What the GOP Takeover of Congress Means The Republican takeover of the Senate and expansion of seats in the House will fundamentally realign power dynamics in Washington. It means that the Republicans in January will control both chambers of Congress, likely leading to more bills over the next two years, both good and bad, landing […]

NALC President Rolando: After the midterms, letter carriers’ resolve remains strong

It’s the day after the midterm election, and before I address what the results mean for letter carriers, I want to take the opportunity to publicly thank the active and retired members who took action before and on Nov. 4. Whether it was knocking on doors or making phone calls in the weeks leading up […]

Video: Wisconsin postal worker’s dumping of 3 GOP campaign mailers was not politically motivated

NEENAH (WITI) — A postal worker in Neenah is under investigation — accused of failing to deliver political mailers. The United States Postal Service says it found nearly 900 pieces of campaign mail in a dumpster last week, and all of the flyers were connected to three Republican campaigns. Rohrkaste says he paid $5,000 for that […]

Delivering the vote: USPS prepares for Election Day

Election Day is Nov. 4, so Postal Service employees should be on the lookout for election-related mail to ensure it gets timely processing. States are increasingly using the mail during the election process. Oregon, Washington and Colorado conduct all elections by mail, and 19 other states also have vote-by-mail programs. There are two types of […]

10 races federal employees should watch on election day

The federal civil service was created to operate independently of the political class and smoothly in spite of the upheaval caused by elections. In practice, lawmakers control just about every aspect of federal employees’ jobs. The day-to-day functions of federal workers remain largely without political influence, but from pay to agency budgets, lawmakers impact the […]

Proof of election fatigue found in Anchorage post offices

ANCHORAGE –With just a few days before the Nov. 4 election, campaign material continues to flood inboxes around Anchorage. Most of those campaign dollars are immediately finding themselves in the trash or recycle bin; some of them have just been tossed aside. A signal of that can be seen at the U.S. Post Office on […]

eNAPUS: Elections Really Matter!

eNAPUS Legislative and Political Bulletin With slightly more than a week before the November 4 Congressional elections, it is abundantly clear that political ground zero will be the fight to control the U.S. Senate. Democratic incumbents are being forced to defend a growing number of Senate seats that only a few months ago seemed to […]

Postal Service vows to move ahead with closures of Petaluma, Eureka plants

Despite harsh words from a congressman and pleas from dozens of residents and business owners, the Postal Service remains intent on closing two processing centers affecting the mail service of hundreds of thousands of North Coast residents. Postal Service spokesman James Wigdel in San Francisco reiterated this week that the 2012 decision to close the […]