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E-commerce and technology are shaping the way packages are delivered, and creating an increased demand for better tracking and customer service.

“Packages are the future. Scanning is the future. Visibility is the future,” PMG Pat Donahoe said in his latest video message to employees. “It’s critical that we do all of these things right.”

With more customers taking advantage of e-commerce, Donahoe says it is critical to scan and deliver each package accurately and on time. Customers today expect more real-time updates and faster delivery. One way the Postal Service is addressing these growing needs, the PMG explains, is by rolling out new hand-held Mobile Delivery Devices to improve tracking and communication. Continue reading ‘State of the Business: PMG reports on new initiatives’ »

Saturday delivery update
Latest proposal would help highway fund

House Republicans last week proposed allowing the Postal Service to stop delivering most mail on Saturday and to use the savings to keep the federal Highway Trust Fund from going broke.

In a statement, USPS said, “Allowing the Postal Service to implement a five-day mail/six-day package delivery schedule is one of several legislative requirements that are included in our request for comprehensive postal reform legislation. With declining First-Class Mail volume, there isn’t sufficient revenue to sustain six-day mail delivery. If the proposed five-day mail/six-day package delivery schedule were to become law, it would provide the Postal Service with some financial relief.”

The statement also noted that the Postal Service’s liabilities exceed its assets by approximately $40 billion. “Comprehensive legislative reform would still be necessary to restore the Postal Service to profitability and put the organization on a stable, long-term financial footing,” the statement concluded.

USPS estimates it would save approximately $1.9 billion annually by switching to a new delivery schedule.

A Gallup poll last year found that 63 percent of Americans favor ending Saturday mail delivery. The concept has bipartisan support in Congress, although Senate Democrats oppose the idea of stopping Saturday delivery to help the highway fund. House GOP leaders say they’ll offer more information on their plans this week.

Postal Service Cuts Hours at 21 San Francisco, Calif.  Post Offices

stop-staplesUSPS Documents Show Hours Reduced at Post Offices Near Staples Stores; Public Postal Counters Are Shrinking, Not Growing, After Secretive Deal with Retail Giant

May 29, 2014 – SAN FRANCISCO [CALIF] – In the wake of a secretive, sweetheart deal to outsource postal operations to low-wage, high-turnover Staples stores, the U.S. Postal Service is reducing customer service hours at 21 of 39 U.S. Post Office stations in San Francisco. Cutbacks in hours are also planned in surrounding Bay Area communities.

“They’re shutting the doors at 5 p.m. and posting signs sending people to private locations – including Staples – to conduct postal business,” said Geoffray Dumaguit, president of the San Francisco Local of the American Postal Workers Union. “This will inconvenience and irritate our customers, who often need to visit a Post Office after work.” Continue reading ‘USPS Documents Show Hours Reduced at Post Offices Near Staples Stores’ »

Republicans love to attack the U.S. Postal Service, this time through an extremely misleading report skewing the numbers about profits. Continue reading ‘Video: Ed Schultz-The GOP’s endless attack on a fundamental US institution–USPS’ »

PMG Pat Donahoe speaks to suppliers during an awards ceremony honoring their work. Click on the image to view a larger version

PMG Pat Donahoe speaks to suppliers during an awards ceremony honoring their work. Click on the image to view a larger version

Superior suppliers
USPS honors 14 companies

The Postal Service recently honored 14 companies that provide the organization with superior service in technology, transportation and other areas.

The winning companies received awards in several categories, including supplier performance and supplier innovation. This year, a Postmaster General’s Supplier Award was introduced.

“The Postal Service does business with more than 20,000 suppliers each year. To receive one of these awards is a real achievement,” PMG Pat Donahoe told the honorees. “It’s essential that we have a world-class chain of suppliers to reduce our costs, strengthen our performance and consistently provide high levels of service to our customers.”

Supply Management VP Susan M. Brownell hosted the annual ceremony, which was held at postal headquarters in Washington, DC. “The focus that these suppliers have placed on continuous improvement has played a significant role in helping USPS create an agile supply chain that generates value and delivers high-quality service to our customers every day,” Brownell said. Continue reading ‘USPS Honors Competitor FedEx With New PMG Award’ »

The Sign on the Door Says It All
Post Offices Close Early, Send Customers to Staples

May 15, 2014Hours have been cut at 16 post offices within a five-mile radius of the San Francisco Staples store that has a postal counter, according to information obtained by the APWU.

A sign on the post office door directs customers who arrive after the new 5 p.m. closing time to other post offices – and to the Staples store.

“This is more evidence of the true purpose of the Postal Service’s dirty deal with Staples,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “USPS management is telling customers to get postal services at Staples, while making it more difficult to get services at traditional post offices.

“The message is clear: Postal bosses are trying to privatize major portions of the United States Postal Service, our great national treasure,” he said.

An app on shows 37 post offices within a five-mile radius of the Staples store at 1700 Van Ness Avenue. Hours were cut back at 16 of the stations beginning on May 4. Two other nearby offices are scheduled for curtailed hours beginning on June 8.Hours were also cut at several post offices near Staples stores with postal counters in and Santa Clara and Marin County, CA. Continue reading ‘APWU: Post Offices Close Early, Send Customers to Staples’ »

NALC President Fredric RolandoFredric V Rolando, NALC President, The Postal Record, May 2014

The Postal Service and much of Washington are caught in a time warp. For some reason, they still think it’s 2009 and that the Postal Service is in terminal decline.

The postmaster general’s “shrink to survive” austerity plan was developed in the depths of the global financial crisis. Then, the economy was collapsing, mail volume was plummeting and the pre-funding payments were crushing the Postal Service. The crisis imposed heavy costs: Nearly 200,000 postal jobs have been lost, service standards have been cut and the Postal Service has been starved of investment

Fortunately, today the economy is recovering. Revenue from the booming e-commerce business is offsetting more moderate declines in letter mail volume. And the Postal Service is operationally back in the black, even as the effects of massive downsizing and reduced service standards have begun to fray the quality of service—severely, in many cities and states. The Postal Service is nevertheless poised for a major comeback if only its leadership would stop focusing on the rearview mirror. What we need now is vision and leadership. Continue reading ‘NALC President: A void at the top gives PMG free rein’ »

pmgbusThe Postal Service’s financial stability is improving, but significant challenges remain, says PMG Pat Donahoe.

In his latest message to employees, Donahoe reviews the Postal Service’s financial results for the first half of the fiscal year (Oct. 1-Mar. 31) and discusses strategies for moving forward.

“From a financial standpoint, compared to last year, we’re about $1 billion ahead on net profit. That’s operating profit,” says Donahoe. “Our cash liquidity — the cash on hand — is better than last year. Revenue is better than the same period last year by about $700 million.” Continue reading ‘Video: PMG reports on latest USPS financial results in message to employees’ »

David Yao at Boise Staples rally in April 2014

David Yao at Boise Staples rally in April 2014

In a May 9, 2014 press release, the Postal Service issued another quarterly press release turning an operating profit (of $261 million) into a loss. The supposed loss, an accounting fiction, was caused entirely by the 2006 law which generates a long-term loan to the Federal treasury, under the guise of “pre-funding” employee benefits.

In fact, the Postal Service is making a $1 billion operating profit in the first six months of its fiscal year. In their own press release in response, the National Association of Letter Carriers pointed out that the Postal Service has been turning an operating profit since October of 2012.

But the USPS release included this apparent misstatement: “’revenue…was up $379 million over the same period last year — the third straight quarter of revenue increase,’ said Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Donahoe” (underlining added).

The Postal Service has actually been reporting revenue increases for five straight quarters, dating back to January 1, 2013 (see below). So why is Postmaster General Donahoe minimizing that winning streak? Perhaps someone in Postal HQ’s statistics department was snoozing that day.

But there is a more disturbing explanation, that is consistent with the Postal Service’s “doom and gloom” reporting of its finances. Continue reading ‘Why is the Postmaster General Understating Postal Revenue Gains?’ »

Issa-ObamaAs chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) has dogged the Obama administration since 2011.

Issa has tried to tied Obama on reports of IRS bias in tax exemption forms, at the Benghazi attacks of 9/11/12, website fiasco, bring down the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and anything else that looked promising .

So in light of Issa’s past actions over the last few years it is very suspect to read about his support of President Obama’s proposals on reforming the USPS. Is Obama now Issa’s (Best Friend Forever (BFF) ??? Continue reading ‘Issa’s New Best Friend on Postal Reform — President Barack Obama??’ »