Women postmasters honored in Palmetto Heritage Festival

Palmetto, FL – Nestled within the heart (literally and figuratively) of the Palmetto Historical Park is Heritage Station, Palmetto’s first free-standing post office. In the summer of 1880, Mary Nettles became postmaster — but she didn’t have a general store. Mrs. Nettles was a homemaker and people started stopping by her house when they wanted […]

NAPS Applauds Introduction of Postal Employee Appeal Rights Legislation

National Association of Postal Supervisors President Louis M. Atkins today applauded Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) and Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) for their leadership in introducing legislation that helps to assure fairness for all mid-level managers in the United States Postal Service. Senator Tester on February 26 and Rep. Connolly on March 2 introduced the “Postal […]

NAPUS: Decision is Reached on POStPlan Arbitration

(September 22, 2014) NAPUS and the LEAGUE have received Steven Goldberg’s arbitration decision on POStPLan. Both organizations are deeply disappointed with the decision and are still working through the details of the arbitration document. Clearly this will have an impact on PMRs in 4-hour RMPOs, vacant 6-hour RMPOs and 6-hour Postmaster positions in the future. […]

APWU Wins Major Victory on Staffing ‘POStPlan’ Post Offices

9,000 New Jobs to Be Created 09/22/2014 – The APWU has won a major victory on staffing in post offices affected by the “POStPlan” – a victory that will result in the creation of at least 9,000 new Clerk Craft jobs within 90 days. In a ruling dated Sept. 5, Arbitrator Stephen B. Goldberg concluded […]

NAPUS: USPS Strives to be Dominant Player in the Package Business

NAPUS Executive Director Dave Ravenelle told members Tuesday morning at the convention there is a tendency to look back at past successes and challenges, but the need to look forward leaves little time for reflection. The National Office has looked at everything closely and made significant cuts to expenses, as well as increasing revenue. He […]

NAPUS Works to Adjust to a Changing Postal Environment

The New Jersey Chapter got the 110th National Convention off to a rousing start Monday morning, Sept. 15, in Atlantic City; nearly 900 members were registered. President Tony Leonardi welcomed everyone to the convention. He talked about this year—a year of change in response to changes in the Postal Service. “We have had to change […]

Senator Finds Temporary Fix to Wainwright, AK Postal Problem, Pushes for Permanent Solution

USPS is having trouble finding a postmaster or postmaster relief for the Wainwright post office. Wainwright  has a population of approximately  575 people. “The People of Wainwright Deserve Better.” (September 2, 2014)- In response to demands from U.S. Senator Mark Begich, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is stationing a temporary worker in Wainwright to re-open […]

Postmaster forced to retire after threatened with criminal prosecution for delay of mail

Let me try again to post legal cases that may be interesting to readers. This case is similar to the one where an employee was called “a terrorist” and face criminal prosecution after filing an OSHA complaint. But in this case the 37-year employee was threatened with criminal prosecution after filing an EEO complaint. Since […]

Postmaster caught on camera taking long breaks in middle of work day

The postal system is in financial trouble but the CBS 2 Investigators uncovered a boss at the federal agency who is anywhere but at work in the middle of his government day. “I’m doing fine”, said United States Postal Service Northbrook Postmaster Ronald Weddington when confronted outside his Park Ridge home.