Open Letter to the P.M.G of the United States

Omar Gonzalez, APWU Western Region Coordinator No, I’m not writing to [Megan] Brennan the 74th (and first female) PMG. I’m directing this to you, Ben Franklin. Yes, I realize you were one of the last PMGs of the British Crown. And yes, it is technically Sam Osgood who was the first PMG of the USA. […]

APWU: USPS has very little interest in bargaining over issues critical to postal workers

Contract Negotiations Begin Bosses to Union- “NEXT?” Report Of APWU Western Region Coordinator Omar Gonzalez At the start of contract negotiations covering more than 200,000 postal workers postal bosses revealed they have little interest, if any, in bargaining over issues critical to Union negotiators. When the Union’s Chief Negotiator submitted the union’s first proposal over […]