Woman says postal employee forcefully threw packages onto her porch

11/27/17 Greece, N.Y. – An internal investigation is underway after a woman claims a USPS worker mishandled her mail packages Monday morning. Daneane Nucci says she saw it happen in real time while she was at work. She uses a security app that tracks when people walk towards her front door. In the video, Nucci […]

Homeowner’s security camera catches postal worker throwing packages in Ohio

AURORA, Ohio — A homeowner’s security camera caught an outrageous delivery from a US Mail truck, and that has sparked a FOX 8 I-Team investigation. The video shows a mail carrier just carelessly throwing packages out of the truck onto the resident’s driveway. It happened Saturday in Aurora. Was the mail carrier just being lazy? […]

Caught on cam: mailman ‘air-mails’ package

KENMORE, Wash. — A homeowner in Kenmore filed a complaint with U.S. Postal Service after their postal carrier was caught on surveillance video tossing a package from his postal truck onto the homeowner’s front porch. The homeowner said it happened Sunday afternoon and the box contained vacuum supplies being delivered from Amazon.com. She added the box […]

Video: Philadelphia resident catches mailman throwing deliveries in the trash

You trust them to deliver your bills, coupons, gifts and online orders. They’re the men and women that serve your neighborhood six days a week. But what happens when your local mailman decides there’s too much mail to deliver, and instead of placing it in your mailbox, it gets thrown in the trash? Brian McLaughlin, […]