USPS to reduce staffing (RIF) of Customer Service and Post Office Operations Managers

From National Associations of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) : The Postal Service has released it’s staffing proposal for Manager, Post Officer Operations and Manager, Customer Service Operations along with the timeline outlining the associated Reduction in Force. In addition, the Postal Service has released an analysis of each respective position. This will be updated as we […]

NAPUS Works to Adjust to a Changing Postal Environment

The New Jersey Chapter got the 110th National Convention off to a rousing start Monday morning, Sept. 15, in Atlantic City; nearly 900 members were registered. President Tony Leonardi welcomed everyone to the convention. He talked about this year—a year of change in response to changes in the Postal Service. “We have had to change […]

USPS seeking Reduction in Force (RIF) Administrator

USPS job opening for  Reduction in Force Administrator “The Postmaster organizations and Postal Headquarters have spent a great deal of time discussing the implementation and events that will lead up to the final RIF date.” USPS pushed the RIF date to the first part of 2015. This new job opening for may indicate RIFs may […]

NAPUS: POStPlan Clarification- RIF Timelines Update and Level 6 Post Offices

The Postmasters organizations have had numerous meetings with Postal Headquarters regarding the final implementation of POStPlan, since the announcement of the extension of the POStPlan RIF date from September 30, 2014 to January 9, 2015. As a result of these meetings, a number of clarifications on the implementation and the POStPlan Timeline were shared with […]

RIF Competitive Areas for the Postal Service Updated

The Postal Service divides its organizational structure into multiple competitive areas for reduction in force (RIF) purposes. Competitive areas are established based on organizational factors (separate operation, work function, staff, and personnel management authority) and geographical location factors. During the RIF process, an employee can be assigned only to a position in his or her […]

General Notices sent to Postal Employees affected by Possible Reduction in Force

Last week marked two critical milestones in the 2011 Organizational Redesign process. Monday, April 25, was the deadline for employees who accepted the Postal Service’s 2011 Special Incentive Offer. And Thursday, April 28, General Reduction in Force (RIF) Notices were sent to employees who could be affected by a potential RIF in their competitive area.