USPS OIG investigating arrest of on-duty letter carrier for possible federal violations

Video of questionable arrest of on-duty letter carrier sparks outrage, concern On March 17 [2016], Brooklyn letter carrier Glen Grays Jr. had parked his postal vehicle and was preparing to deliver a package when he had a troubling encounter with police that led to his arrest. Smartphone video of that arrest sparked outrage and led […]

NALC President: How low will PMG Donahoe go?

NALC President’s Message – Postal Record July 2014 How low will he go? A few years ago, Postmaster General Pat Donahoe did something that really shocked me. He testified before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee of the House of Representatives and said that he supported “practically everything” in a truly putrid piece of legislation […]

NALC: Postal Service has long history of using bikes for city delivery

From the 2011 NALC Postal Record: The Postal Service has a long history of using bikes for city delivery. The Postal Service estimated recently that the carriers on bikes in nearby Sun City, AZ, alone save 7,800 gallons of gasoline a year, which adds up to roughly $27,300 at today’s prices for gasoline.

NALC President: A void at the top gives PMG free rein

Fredric V Rolando, NALC President, The Postal Record, May 2014 The Postal Service and much of Washington are caught in a time warp. For some reason, they still think it’s 2009 and that the Postal Service is in terminal decline. The postmaster general’s “shrink to survive” austerity plan was developed in the depths of the […]