USPS: Hatch Act’s social media guidelines explained

1/10/2018 You’ve heard of the Hatch Act, but how much do you know about it? If you’re unfamiliar with the law, here’s a quick primer — including do’s and don’ts when it comes to social media usage. • First things first: The Hatch Act exists to protect you. The law, which dates to 1939, aims […]

USPS Hired Employee (s) to Monitor and Review Social Media for the “Social Media Advisory Panel”

A few months ago USPS posted a job announcement called SOCIAL CARE ANALYST, EAS-19, in WASHINGTON DC: The job monitors and reviews social media for USPS conversations, mentions and trends; evaluates social media content to identify and track the status of the USPS brand, products, and services online.    A few of the requirements included: […]

OIG says USPS social media platforms does not effectively deal with customers

The USPS Office of Inspector General has issued a report criticizing the postal service’s use of social media to interact with customers: The Postal Service did not effectively respond to customer inquiries submitted via social media. Specifically, the Postal Service’s current program does not (1) respond to all actionable inquiries, (2) respond to inquiries in […]

Massachusetts postal worker allegedly tells man to leave US, calling it ‘Trump land’

The United States Postal Service is investigating after a man said he saw a postal worker in Cambridge Massachusetts this week shout at another man to leave the country, calling it “Trump land.” Yarden Katz, a fellow in the department of systems biology at Harvard Medical School, said in a telephone interview that he was […]

Soldiers build postal capacity from ground up in Iraq

  CAMP TAJI, Iraq (March 16, 2015) — Even in a time of constant digital communication – an age of Twitter, Facebook and FaceTime – there remains something special for deployed Soldiers about a tangible letter or package sent by loved ones halfway around the world. For those Service members deployed with Combined Joint Forces […]

Tweets from the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers covering today’s MTAC meeting

Tweets from Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers covering today’s Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) meeting. (note: some tweets are not in sequence) PMG (Megan) Brennan says most consolidating plants will be “repurposed” to reflect decline of single piece first class and growth of packages. January 5 operating windows changed at all postal plants nationwide, not just […]

Video: USPS investigating cause of stalled deliveries as complaints rise

HOUSTON (KTRK) –Earlier this week we first told you about a customer from Bryan who says his packages are not being delivered on time. Since then we have heard from several more people who say the exact same thing is happening with their packages. When our investigation into Post Office package delays aired on Tuesday […]