NALC: Letter Carriers Back Pay update

From NALC 12/1/17 Active letter carriers All active career letter carriers received their back pay in today’s paycheck. This payment covers the period of time from Sept. 3, 2016, through August 18, 2017. During this period, career letter carriers received three wage increases: a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) of $21 annually, effective Sept. 3, 2016; a […]

USPS revise forms and creates new Management Instruction on ‘Back Pay’

Revised Forms and New Management Instruction: Update of Back Pay Policy The Postal Service™ created a new Management Instruction EL-430-2015-4, Back Pay, and revised PS Form 8038, Employee Statement To Recover Back Pay; PS Form 8039, Back Pay Decision/Settlement Worksheet; and PS Form 8041, Prearbitration or Agency Settlement Worksheet, to do the following: n Simplify […]