Video: Texas postal employee caught on camera tossing packages

LUMBERTON, TX – A recent social media video showing U.S. Postal worker caught on camera carelessly tossing packages in a Lumberton neighborhood Sunday has frustrated some residents. “The lady was in a very big hurry and seemed anxious but it didn’t matter to her if anyone was looking, she would still toss them,” said a […]

Security camera catches USPS carrier throwing packages onto front porch

FLORISSANT, Mo. ( – Home security footage caught a U.S. Postal Service carrier throwing a package onto a front porch in Florissant on Thursday afternoon. The video was posted to social media from a person who lives on North Pointe Lane. The video shows the carrier throwing the package, then the parcel hits a bench […]

VIDEO: Florida postal worker caught on camera tossing packages onto resident’s porch

APOPKA, Fla. – A woman told Channel 9 that she’s outraged that her Apopka neighborhood postal worker continues to toss her fragile mail and packages onto her porch. Surveillance video caught the postal worker walking up near to the porch and tossing the package a couple of feet, then walking away. Heather Eberhardt recorded the postal worker […]

Video: USPS worker fired after THROWING $199 package of delicate electronics from customer’s driveway

A USPS delivery worker has been sacked after she hurled an electronics delivery all the way from a customer’s driveway to his front door. The unnamed delivery woman pulled up outside Hassan Hamze’s house in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Thursday and launched the package with both arms to save herself the walk to his door. […]

Video: FedEx says it was USPS driver not us caught throwing fragile packages on camera

CHICAGO (WLS) –A delivery driver was caught on camera tossing wedding gifts at a Chicago home. The couple told ABC7 Eyewitness news the packages were delivered by FedEx. FedEx claims the U.S. postal service delivered the package, saying in a statement, “It appears, according to the attached shipping tracking scan, that the package was delivered […]

Video: Man says postal worker threw package out of delivery truck

LITHONIA, Ga. —A Lithonia man is not happy after seeing how his neighborhood postal worker treated his delivery. Home surveillance video shows the postal worker tossing his package out the window of the delivery truck. “It could’ve been a fragile item. It could’ve been glass items, anything. They don’t know. That box was just tossed […]

Video: Another Georgia USPS Mail Carrier Caught Throwing Package

July 24, 2015 – COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA- Grovetown resident, Brian Preston told us that he was irritated that this motion activated camera caught his mail carrier tossing a package on the door step as she appears to be on a cell phone. The package held NFL Bears memorabilia. Although they weren’t damaged, this family says […]