After Hurricane Harvey, USPS begins road to recovery

9/4/17 –  Carmen Hightower held back tears as she resumed her appointed rounds this weekend in Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath. “I was stunned,” said Hightower, a letter carrier at Houston’s TW House Station. “I just feel so sorry for my customers. It hurts to hear what they’re going through.” As the floodwaters from the massive storm begin to […]

Co-workers remember USPS retiree making a name for himself on America’s Got Talent

8/21/17 Harold Thomas’s former colleagues aren’t surprised to see the Postal Service retiree making a name for himself on television. Thomas, a Memphis mail handler from 1985-2000, is currently competing on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” as a member of the Masqueraders soul trio. Memphis Mail Handler E.O. Alexander, a 44-year USPS employee, spent several years […]

USPS Detroit NDC takes unique approach to reduce ‘missent parcels’

Team approach Plant reduces ‘missent parcels’ 7/21/17 Detroit District’s largest facility has taken a unique approach to slash the percentage of parcels that are processed and dispatched to an incorrect zone. Through the efforts of a special team of managers and employees, the Detroit Network Distribution Center has reduced these “missent parcels” by 55 percent, […]

Film shows how Postal Worker uses marathon racing to combat post-traumatic stress disorder

Run for your life Film follows marathon racing employee Johnnie Jameson has run his way into the nation’s movie theaters. The Los Angeles letter carrier is the subject of “Mile 19,” a recent documentary that shows how he uses marathon racing to combat post-traumatic stress disorder. Jameson began running in the 1970s after serving in […]

USPS: Informed Delivery benefitting postal employees

Informed Delivery is proving popular with residential consumers, including some who know a thing or two about the mail: Postal Service employees. The new feature, which USPS rolled out nationwide in April, provides residential consumers with digital previews of their incoming mail. Postal employees are among Informed Delivery’s most enthusiastic fans. “Seeing the mail that’s […]

North Carolina Postal Employee to appear on ‘Jeopardy!’

Who is Rachel Moyer? A Postal Service employee who’ll appear on the “Jeopardy!” episode scheduled to air Thursday, March 9. Moyer, a Charlotte, NC, operations support specialist, said it was an eye-opening experience. After performing well during a June 2015 audition, Moyer remained in the candidate pool until November 2016, when she was called to […]

USPS surpasses projection of delivering 750 million packages during peak season

1/20/2017 USPS numbers add up to busy season The holidays are over, but the numbers that show how much work the Postal Service accomplished are still emerging. USPS surpassed its projections of delivering 750 million packages during peak season, according to new data. On Dec. 19, one of the season’s busiest days, the Postal Service […]

USPS reopens post office in Louisiana after historic flood

USPS has reopened the Denham Springs Post Office nearly four months after historic flooding in southeastern Louisiana forced it to suspend operations. Southern Area VP Shaun Mossman and Louisiana District Manager Stephen Hardin welcomed employees and customers back into the facility during a recent reopening celebration. “When these kinds of crises occur, the Postal Service […]