USPS new benefit allow employees to upload tax info directly to third-party tax preparation services

The Postal Service implemented modifications to System of Records (SOR) 100.400 to reflect a new benefit to allow employees, who voluntarily elect to be able to automatically upload information from their individual W-2 and 1095-C forms directly to a third-party tax preparation service. Employee tax information, such as their Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement […]

Mail thieves target mailboxes in Manteca CA

1/28/16 Manteca, CA – Theft of mail in Manteca’s “community mail boxes” or cluster boxes mounted on residential sidewalks is picking up. The Postal Service has deployed postal inspectors in Manteca and nearby communities that have been targeted as well in a bid to catch the culprits. Manteca Postmaster Beverley Leymaster on Thursday noted between […]