Trump nominates three to USPS Board of Governors

calvinrtucker    10/26/2017 President Donald J. Trump today announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to be Members of the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service:

Calvin R. Tucker of Pennsylvania, for the remainder of a term expiring December 8, 2023. Mr. Calvin R. Tucker (R) is the chairman of the Philadelphia Black Republican Council. President & CEO, Eagles Capital Advisors, LLC Mr. Tucker also owned and managed several family businesses, such as International Mailing Technologies, Inc and C. R. Tucker Associates. Read more

robertmduncanRobert M. Duncan of Kentucky, for the remainder of a seven-year term expiring December 8, 2018, and an additional term expiring December 8, 2025. Mike Duncan is the 17th chairman of the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships. Appointed by President Donald J. Trump in 2017, Mr. Duncan leads one of America’s most prestigious programs for leadership and public service. Robert M. “Mike” Duncan was the chairman of the Republican National Committee. He was elected in January 2007 and served until January 30, 2009. Read more

davidwilliamsDavid Williams of Illinois, for the remainder of a seven-year term expiring December 8, 2019. David C. Williams was sworn in as the second independent Inspector General (IG) for the U.S. Postal Service on August 20, 2003. Williams was responsible for a staff of more than 1,125 employees — located in cities nationwide — that conducts independent audits and investigations for the largest civilian federal agency that has over $65 billion in annual revenues, a workforce of 522,000 employees and 31,000 Postal Service managed retail facilities.
USPS Inspector General David C. Williams announces retirement
Read more at the USPS OIG website.

The USPS Board of Governors require nine (9) members approved by the full Senate. The three nominees leaves six (6) more needed to the USPS Board of Governors

The USPS said, “We are pleased that the Administration intends to nominate candidates for the United States Postal Service’s Board of Governors. The public interest and the Postal Service are best served by a fully constituted Board made up of well-qualified individuals with diverse perspectives & experience. We urge the Senate to confirm Governors to fill the current vacancies.”


10 thoughts on “Trump nominates three to USPS Board of Governors

  1. Maybe now we’ll get rid of the “Welfare State” mentality that so many Postal Employees have. Perhaps we’ll appreciate our job when they begin to dissolve it.

  2. President Dump won’t be happy till everyone works for free, except his lackeys that are appointed to high jobs. In America all that is needed are guns, god, and sports. Nothing more.

  3. Bring back the great Carvin’ Marvin he was the only one who knew that there are toooooo many chiefs and not enough Indians

  4. If I were going to be President, and a real Democrat, not a GOP-lite Wall Street minion, I’d fire the entire BOG immediately and get members who are willing to serve the public and workers instead of a rubber stamping jerk off that really has nothing to do with USPS management.
    Of course, Brennan would be packing her bags, and so would a lot of the weasels who are hell bent on destroying the USPS. I could accomplish that by getting a PMG who is a friend to labor, would expect and remove anybody under this person who continued to embezzle funds, willfully ignore labor agreements or fail to hire adequate CAREER employees. It’s not that fictional. In the 1980’s, the PMG was Anthony Frank, who was a great friend of all the USPS, worked very well with the unions, and emphasized good public service and high standards. Craft people actually got periodical voluntary step increases when they did well – I topped out at barely 10 years as did several other good workers in my office because we were hard working, reliable, honest, and had a great relationship with customers. Yes, the work was much heavier, but you got recognition and a sense of doing something honorable for your job. I carried that attitude my whole career, but it is all but extinct except with carriers nearing retirement and the types who work hard because they have a sense of responsibility and believe in doing their best. It’s those workers who keep the USPS alive, not the idiot upper level managers who for the most part were shitty dishonest snitches as craft people, and horrifying suck ups. As with every general rule there are exceptions, and I want to make that point because there are some in management I consider my friends and are good people trying to do the right thing in an impossible situation. But the rest would be busted back to craft, fired or investigated for embezzlement and other illegal activities under the rule of whomever I made PMG or that person would be out on their ear, too. But we, the retirees and craft have no real say so, and sadly the NALC is not the organization they used to be, either.

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