Trump says USPS making Amazon richer and post office “dumber and poorer”

President Donald J Trump has turned his daily rant toward USPS:

President Trump slams Amazon, telling U.S. post office to charge more from CNBC.

from Fortune

Amazon regularly uses the U.S. Postal Service to complete what’s called the “last mile” of delivery, with letter carriers dropping off packages at some 150 million residences and businesses daily.

While full details of the agreement between Amazon and the Postal Service are unknown—the mail service is independently operated and strikes confidential deals with retailers—David Vernon, an analyst at Bernstein Research who tracks the shipping industry, estimated in 2015 that the USPS handled 40% of Amazon’s volume the previous year. He estimated at the time that Amazon pays the USPS $2 per package, which is about half what it would pay United Parcel Service and FedEx.

USPS’s chief financial officer, Joseph Corbett, wrote in a post for in August that the service is required by law to charge retailers at least enough to cover its delivery costs.

“The reason we continue to attract e-commerce customers and business partners is because our customers see the value of our predictable service, enhanced visibility, and competitive pricing,” he wrote.

75 thoughts on “Trump says USPS making Amazon richer and post office “dumber and poorer”

  1. I can remember when UPS’s workers went on strike in the early 1990s & USPS would not allow anyone, person or company to place more than 4 packages daily into our mailstream if they were not already a USPS customer. When our Postmaster came out with the order from up above, He and I both agreed that it was the wrong move then & was not a good Business decision 101. We could have the opportunity to have gathered more customers from the other competition (s). But not at a REDUCED rate of postage or fees or contract as we are in now with Amazon!

  2. Dear Mr. su mi if you can, Big deal so you brag about your Masters in Business and so that means you can justify business stealing money from people the legal way. As for the elected officials many would pass laws even to screw their own mothers! Most politicians would do just about anything for campaign contributions. So there isn’t anything wrong with taking away retirement and health benefits from workers, while seeing that the executives get to live the life of the rich and lazy! If one thinks that business can do anything they want, I’m glad I didn’t receive a Masters in Business.

  3. don’t like Trump……donate all the increase in your TSP since he has been in to charity. even under Bush 2 I got 2 checks of 300 each. union lefty’s cashed them too sweet. under Obammy we got nothing.

  4. We all know the postal service gives discounts to these mail sort companies to put mail in walk sequence while we undo it to process it for DPS. Why wouldn’t they undercharge to deliver packages also. It’s the leadership policy of giving high level jobs to under qualified employees. Stop the promotion of people from the “who you know” policy to the “what you know” and maybe things will change for the better! For all you Trump haters and snow flakes, take a look at your TSP over the last year and let’s hear you complain about that!

  5. postal math says 2 plus 2 = 9. that was great when it was a monopoly, but now that letter mail is going into the dirt you have to compete with UPS, FDX, AMZN, and others for package delivery. Billions and Billions in debt, Billions for Delivery vehicles, Billions for tractor cabs, which in many cases have almost a million miles on them, and no 767, 747, air freight planes of your own=not gloom and doom, but simple business finance 101……….12 years till retirement….in your dreams snowflake!

  6. as a business professor at Fordham University, NY City once told us…..a house built on a rotten foundation can not stand. the corrupt and rotten US Postal Circus will not stand. IOD Brennen is the Capt of the Titanic and Trump is the Carpathia ship to the rescue. (a little to late I might add-its done put a fork in it) check out the stock price of UPS, FDX, AMZN if you are to stupid to see the forest for the trees.

  7. Trump is actually right about this. Management looks at this as cash flow,but the flow isn’t large enough. Upper management has no vision.No business sense at all.
    Need leadership that hasn’t grew up in the Postal Way.

  8. Mr. si mi, So I don’t have any college, at least I don’t make excuses as to why President Dump, or any businessman can file for bankruptcy and take away wages from employees. The businessmen always walk with funds while the workers get shafted! Of course in our country it’s alright to see the rich take care of themselves, while the people that don’t matter get screwed. When White Motor went bankrupted the employees lost everything, while the big time operators walked away with a nice pay out. Just like Herbert Spencer said ” The survival Of The Fittest”. The worker just should be used, and if he is, tough!

  9. As a letter carrier for 18 years I think the place is great and nothing really needs to be changed. For unskilled labor the pay, benefits,pension etc is awesome. Job security cant be beat. Every emp has the choice to follow the doom and gloom crowd or the positive crowd who know how good they got it and take pride in what they do. Thank you usps for helping provide me with a good life for the last 18 years looking forward to another 12 and a comfortable retirement with a pension to boot.

    • USPS didn’t provide you with anything. Customers and the nalc did. If it was up to the usps, you wouldn’t have any of the items you mention.

      Look at the cca class for starters.

    • You are a person who understands where lemonade comes from and that blessings when counted usually far outweigh the curses. Good for you. If there were more people who appreciated how good they have it compared to how bad it may be for others, the world would be a happier, brighter place.

    • I totally agree, I have been with USPS for over 33 years, and have not missed a paycheck, benefits, 401k, etc.., that other companies have abandon their employees from these benefits. We have been loosing the first class volume for over 15 years, and we are still a major competitor in delivery. We may take lower rates to deliver packages for the other companies, but we are still keeping employees paid, benefits, 401k coming in the household. Truth be told, many other companies employees would love to be in the USPS. I thank God for my job and the opportunity to retire with a pension and benefits.

      • That’s because the usps has maxed out it’s line of credit with the federal govt.
        In other words, those items you mention are being paid via a loan that will never be paid back.

  10. By the USPS charging more really means – Postal Management getting richer, wasting more, and cutting more employees – And getting fewer employees to do more work for less pay and benefits!!

  11. Maybe he should look into why the number of people working at
    L’Enfant has nearly doubled in the last few years.
    Amazon is going to do it’s own delivery soon.
    They think the PO treats us way to well.
    I read where the average hourly pay at Amazon is $9/hour.
    1 Billionaire, hundred thousand on food stamps.
    Make America Great Again!

  12. from Trumps lips to God’s ears………..something the NALC and A-PEE-U Company Unions should have been investigating. once again just another example how company unions sing the song of postal mismanagement. “they can do that” don’t you know. like those dolls who used to talk by pulling a string on the back………execpt it is the mismanagement pulling the union’s string. You Go,President Trump! truth to power! going on 32 years of no-representation by this company postal dues collection agency. one little tweet vs 32 years of fraud.

    • it shows you have no college…..a Master’s Degree in Business Administration is beyond your wildest imagination……….how many times did American Airlines go to bankruptcy court? How many times did United go to bankruptcy court? How many times Delta Airlines go to bankruptcy court? how many times did Continental Airlines go into bankruptcy? how many times did the US Postal Circus go to the back door of the US Treasury for interest free loans they have never paid back? (hit their limit of $50 Billion and told to get lost and don’t come back) how many years has the US Postal Circus not paid their pre-funding obligation of 6.5 Billion…..try since 2009 cupcake! going into bankruptcy court is a legal business tool……as compared to the criminal Clinton Foundation Money Laundering Scam. how many po union workers pay $24 dollars a pay check for union dues and never get any real representation other than the old stand by…..”they can do that”? that my friend is called fraud. Merry Trumpmas and a very New Year for UPS, FDX, AMZN……….PO is toast!

  13. Dear Mr. su mi if you can, So that man is on of the low IQ dopes? How many times did President Dump go bankrupt? How many businessmen lost money, how many workers were cheated legally out of their pay? Every thing he does is just fine!

  14. This is funny stuff. I’m amazed how many people still think the P.O. is losing $. If that were true, how can we still be open for business?? I just laugh and laugh.

  15. I think Donald trump should help the post office and not hurt post office. Our Republican President is only helping the rich. Shame on you.

  16. this to the liar below……my brother-in-law owned an electrical company that hired NY Union 3, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. President Trump paid union scale on all his jobs, paid bills within 30 days, not 60,90, or 120. the NY Union Tradespeople of all stripes love to work on his buildings. your post just shows me you are one of the low IQ dopes who think the PO should be business even if it loses a Trillion a year……don’t work like that cupcake.
    as far as bankruptcy proceedings as it relates to the real estate business in New York City….all legal and all put in by a Democrap Congress over the last 45 years. it a breath of fresh air to find out that the corrupt postal circus is on Trumps radar, but that one short tweet showed me how his 160 IQ mind has this dump all figured out. I can not wait until he starts to hold the postal mismanagent accountable. former PMG Marvin Runyon knew it was 50% over staffed with mismanagement and they got rid of him…….they are not going to get rid of Trump……..he is going to get rid of them! not a day too soon. 75 PO Vice-Presidents….not with Trump in the drivers seat. funny in 8 years of bath house barry only one statement about the PO “they always lose money”!

  17. for someone who has filed bankruptcy numerous times, he has no area of expertise to talk here. trumps business practices include stiffing contractors and workers. maybe the usps can trythese tactics to save money as well.

    • RICH Democrats=Nancy Pelosi $400 Million. Sen Diane Feinstein $800 Million (a lot of that made on the postal no bid real estate scam with donewhore) Sen Jay Rockefella $400 Million John Kerry 700 Million…….you get the picture. google the rest of the rich 1% evil DemoKKKats. it should be noted the word “rich” can be misleading and is used by democraps in their class war doxie. 100K a year income in St Louis and you are on easy street….in New York City it is chump change.(because the Democraps have created a blue state tax and spend hell hole) taking the USA as a whole, a postal dope with 600K in a TSP over 40 years would be considered “rich”! so all in all you have no case to be made throwing the word rich around. just gets the dumb, useful idiots blood pressure up. kind of like the NALC and APWU are unions fighting for the “poor” people yeah right! “they can do that”!

  18. Remember Postal employees that like what President Dump said about Amazon, he is NOT YOUR FRIEND! He talks a good game about bringing jobs back to America while all his wife’s products are made in China and other Asian countries. The President wants to end the Black Lung laws. That will “help” the UMWU. He has seen that the rich will receive huge tax cuts. If the Postal Service goes under what will you do? The Ratpublicans want to cut back on America’s safety net programs while increasing Wealthfare programs for the rich. Why should a businessman pay for a hand out when the tax payer can pay? The Ratpublicans want to dismantle Consumer Protection Agency so that business can have their way with you. Just think! And yes, Amazon will eventually cut out their parcels so the postal Service’s work load will drop. If only one could find someone in management that would spent time leading the Postal service. Management would rather spend time and energy disciplining employees than run the service.

  19. I wonder how many postal people who replied go to union meetings? Our “prez” comments reflect no idea how complex the problem is. Nothing said about prefunding healthcare as why we are in the red. Hmmmm…management is a problem but so are we by not understanding what we are suppose to do. How many of us really know how the system works…get out of our small bubble and get informed……..

  20. President Donald Trump has a varified IQ of 160……IOD Brennen most likely around 85-90…..should get real interesting real fast. He will not let go………he hates Jeff Bezoz founder of AMZN and is not going to allow the dumb morons like Brennen to have sweetheart deals like DemonKKKat Sen Feinstein & Donehoe and the Postal No Bid Real Estate Scam………….we are going to start a white house petition to put the Postal Circus ON BUDGET………..will hit social media when we are ready to go. Trump drain the swamp and the corrupt Postal Circus Mismanagers……….like the 75 Vice Presidents lol.

    • Don’t you realize that it isn’t about the USPS. Bezos owns The Washington Post. The Washington Post always puts Drumpf in a negative light. Drumpf cannot take criticism. He’s trying to deflect, and get working people, (USPS employees), behind him. Although I like the fact that they should pay their fair share, along with UPS, FED-EX, and DHL, do not be fooled by the con artist in chief. Drumpf doesn’t give a damn about people like us.

  21. It all is a lot more complex than this. Congress controls the pricing structure and what can be competitive and what pricing model the postal service must abide by. It allows the Chinese to ship here for free, basically-why? There is plenty of blame to spread around. The postal service is the only government agency that generates much of it’s on revenue.
    Mr. President, our employee wages and career employee potential has been cut enough. Do not pretend the employees are the issue. We have a high turnover rate. Do not mess with the employees. It is the regulation and red tape that is strangling us. It makes for bad management.

    • Amazon on Sunday is a money loser, period. Amazon grocery delivery is a money loser, period. Neither should have been allowed to happen.

      It’s a sweetheart deal for one company. We’re either out on Sunday for everybody or nobody. We’re either delivering groceries for all of the services or none of them. That’s what is meant by universal service but like sanctity of the mails it’s an unknown concept to those “running” things now.

    • He said that USPS made a bad deal with Amazon…and the USPS did. He’s not blaming “employees” (except the ones who decided this deal was a good one) Much like a lot of the Federal Governments bad deals in the past few decades. Is that too difficult to understand?

  22. Yep Trump is right. P.O. doesn’t charge near enough for anything. The unions don’t fight, because all they want is the PAC $ and as many members as they can get. PO has been operating like idiots for years and years and nothing is going to change. We’re still in business and always will be.

  23. As it was posted earlier: Pre-funding Obligations is the #1 problem but clueless management is right there at #2. Waiting for a $$ buy out to us Civil Service
    DINOSAURS !!!!

    • you have no idea what you are talking about…..they have defaulted on prefunding since 2009 and have not paid one dime into it………..but they still managed to lose over 125 Billion Dollars since 2009. Trump is 100% correct about the dumb morons, but he always fires the mismanagers and not the workers. IOD Brennen is toast! she is a loser and Trump just found out!

  24. The reason we’re losing money is the PREFUNDING OBLIGATIONS! We also need to be free from constraints that won’t let us compete with”the other guys”! This is what happens when the fox guards the henhouse.

  25. There are obviously some dumb why?,questions. Here’s one that’s NOT. Just why is the United States Postal-Service(USPS),charging”about half”,of what UPS and FedEx–for Amazon package deliveries?

    • As some who worked with amazon thru bulk mail, depending on weight, the average postage is around $1.75 a piece if it gets scanned. If it’s not scanned, it’s a freebie. That’s the agreement between Amazon and the USPS.

      • what are you talking about? To the best of my knowledge, Amazon does not have its own private delivery service. All my packages delivered by the Amazon Warehouse are transported by USPS.

        • You live somewhere where they haven’t built out their network yet. They have ringed my city with three huge facilities and have purchased a fleet of brand new Nissan vans. They only deliver where density allows cheaper costs, everything else is dumped on us.

  26. We don’t get business from Amazon as much as we had in the past. As Amazon customer, my orders has been delivered by Amazon or its contract drivers.

  27. Attention President Trump….Are aware that the Postal Governors have the final say in Postal rate increases. The USPS request a rate increase, and the Postal Governors usually say…NO!

    • I beg to differ. In my 22 years of service, the rates have been approved 99% of the time. When I started, a first class stamp cost .29 cents. Now it’s .49 cents. Only a couple times has the request been shot down. Oh and by the way, they approved a .01 cent increase starting January 21, 2018. The Postal Governors ALWAYS say yes when the Postal Rate Commission approves it. Research you history a little more..

  28. I hate Donald Trump beyond any words I can use, but even he can recognize piss poor money management, apparently. Brennan is terrible, and the service is in the shitter. I ordered some music on December 3 for Christmas, and it never showed up. The mail order company informed me they had sent out a large order of music through the PO and every piece has been lost.
    I had to reorder the CD’s, and to say it makes me extremely mad is a gross understatement. After watching these mamby pamby commercials on how great the USPS will be handling packages, just to have who the hell knows how many are lost, stolen by clerks, mail handlers, and probably carriers too.
    Even with tracking numbers the parcels disappear. Management is worthless when it comes to trying to stop this terrible performance. They collect the postage, and if you don’t get what you ordered, well, tough damn luck because they will not investigate it at any level. After all, some have been arrested for stealing drugs being sent through the system, this being managers, and again, no telling how much normal stuff has been “lost”, stolen, fenced or simply taken to a manager’s or employee’s home.
    Amazon has made tons on shipping rates that are cut out in sweetheart deals, as one poster indicates, and USPS criminals have accepted favors for practically delivering the parcels at a near loss.
    My home service is abysmal, with misdeliveries at least once or twice a week, no matter how much I complain. I could never claim to be the perfect letter carrier when I was still working, but I would have been mortified to ever allow my own work to be as piss poor pathetic as far too many carriers are apparently only too happy to live with.
    The USPS is truly run by corrupt imbecilic people who have no business running any kind of business, period. And the worse management gets, the worse the craft performance becomes.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong in so many ways. We’re getting rid of people who steal and the drug dealers (management included!), but we can only do so much when it comes to union protected employees. Many of us still care about customer service and strive to do our daily best, in spite of the miserable slackers around us. It’s not all doom and gloom as you say. The lack of work ethic lies with the individual, as much as you try to project it on to management. I strive to do my best for the customers, in spite of the “system” and it’s flaws.

      • I am not wrong. I have 32 + years, and you have possibly overlooked my main point. We are only chipping away at the tip of a huge iceberg when it comes to the thieves, drug dealers, etc. I wrote a lengthy post recently that discussed how the blame for the Service’s woes goes around the entire system. For the focus on this post, I put the blame for lousy service and idiotic decision making right where it belongs. However, I do concur “Firegirl”, that there are some very good people out there doing the best they can in a very difficult situation. Perhaps I should have mentioned that but my post was getting too long as it was. I also totally agree work ethics at the end of the day are what keeps the USPS afloat. I retired about a year ago, and I believe you are a good carrier as you suggest. I was, too – I did my best every day!
        That this discussion is taking place shows there are good people who want the Service to succeed, and that’s good. However, we must strike the balance between competent management, effective union representation that protects the honest hard workers and doesn’t help worthless jerks stay employed when they should have been removed a long time ago, and create a workplace that is free of abuses of all kinds from favoritism, harassment, threatening behavior from anybody in any position, and other wrongdoing.

  29. Lot’s of positive feedback for an organization who has unions telling people during the election don’t vote for Trump. Management cares only about pay for performance. Treat the employees like trash. What else needs to be said?

  30. Amazon will probably deliver their own parcels in the near future & cut out the postal service altogether, can’t wait!!!

  31. As much as I hate Drumpf, I do have to agree with him on this one. And not just Amazon. What about all we do for UPS, FED-EX, and DHL? We have been getting financially raped for years. Imagine if every single one of those parcels went in to the mail stream at full cost.

  32. A truer statement has never been made. I’m a rural mail carrier and I didn’t think we were going to make it through the Christmas season . Carriers have been saying this for a while but no one listens. Thank you Mr. President for calling attention to this.


  34. Ladies and Gentle Ladies, Boys, Girls, and Friends this IS NOT new. Pay a company to allow me to deliver your package the last mile for less than anyone and we’re businessing. Wait what happen where’s the money. A great friend shared years ago for 30+ cents a letter mailed from L.A. Ca to further most point in Maine, touched by many, costing same as a letter mailed across the street. Bad Business model and we fought this issue years ago. Final result, The Union nor any citizen can tell The to generate profits and losses. Unionized employees can process with delivery one letter for less than 10 cents per. Yet many companies are given enormous discounts for the USPS to handle their mail at a discounted loss, then last mile or SurePost for what ? Geaux Figure This?

  35. You go Donald, it’s about time somebody on the government side said it. Amazon is treating us like a baby treats a diaper, sloughing Sundays and rural delivery on us, the two things that will never cover costs, all while building out their own urban network to undercut us on the deliveries that generate more than costs.

    From what I’ve observed in term of upper management taking their pensions and then going to work for our outside contractors (like the multi-hundred million “cleaning” contract) I can only imagine the extent to which Amazon is in bed with the l’Enfant Plaza crowd.

    Or the parcel select return business which a lot of you may not know bypasses our Network once scanned in. I’m sure another sweetheart deal.

    Next go after the IPP gaff which allows China to use our own tax dollars to help steal our jobs. They are no longer a “developing” country and that crap is a nightmare to handle in addition to being subsidized.

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