Trump Upset Promises Massive Change in Government

Image = Trump You're firedDonald Trump has pulled off a major upset over Hillary Clinton to become president-elect. So the question becomes how will his presidency affect Postal and Federal workers? Let’s hear your  thoughts.

Trump has promised to institute a governmentwide hiring freeze on his first day in office and to change civil service laws to ease the firing of disloyal workers. Last month, just 65 percent of federal employees said they were committed to staying in their jobs if Trump were elected.

Trump surrogate and potential Cabinet appointee Newt Gingrich said he expects a battle between the new administration and federal employee unions similar to the one seen in Wisconsin after Republican Gov. Scott Walker pushed to strip government labor groups of their collective bargaining rights.

Vice President-Elect Mike Pence has historically supported limiting the size of the federal workforce and moving government employees to a pay-for-performance system.

Trump Upset Promises Massive Change in Government

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26 thoughts on “Trump Upset Promises Massive Change in Government

  1. I get a kick out of all these cry baby demonKKKats who think it is ok to lose 95 Billion since 2009. PO Mismanagement & 4 Postal Unions in bed together featherbedding. I would have no problem if Trump sold off the PO to UPS or FDX (or both) anything would be better than the last 30 years! ratio of 1 po mismanager for 3 workers…….get your head out of your ass. Terry approves of this message. Drain The Swamp…….start at VA, then Border Patrol, then Postal Department…………I willgladly hang the “UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT” sign up in front of our building. Trump/Pence/Wall/Victory 2016! Hillary for Levenworth Jail Firing Squad! DemonKKKats have been proven with wikileaks to be a criminal enterprise…….and the A-PEE-U backed another loser!

  2. As a 30 year employee with USPS and a 29 year FORMER NALC member (giving 730 bucks a year to a worthless union just wasn’t my bag anymore), I am a bit confused about something… if the United States is going down the urinal (which it is) and the Postal Service is being sucked down the same urinal along with the government (and it CERTAINLY is), then why, WHY is the postal unions following the same path into the sewer? Could it be they are all in bed together? Drain the Swamp!

  3. All you union cronies, review and look at the Union big-wigs salaries, you want to know where all your dues money goes to. After I saw that, I immediately got out of the unions. Total RIP-OFF.

  4. The one good thing is that Trump has bigger fish to fry then the postal service.

    Yeah…Issa and Ross are licking their chops now. Issa wants to null and void the CBA since the postal service has defaulted on the retiree health benefit pre payment. The republicans control both houses now and Trump would sign off on this.

    That’s the worst case scenario…and the stuffed suits at l’enfant and district are in the crosshairs too.

    This could be a bloodbath before it’s all over with. Trump is not going to keep letting PMG Brennen lose billions every year.

  5. ‘Ease the firing of disloyal workers’? What? If I don’t agree with the administration, am I disloyal? The middle class started to collapse when Republicans went after the unions. Do you really think Trump is the working mans billionaire or is he for the 1%?

  6. We had 8 years of sorry ass Obama and other democrates that did nothing to help letter carriers wages and change these horrindus working conditions that carriers face every day like management harassing carriers every step of the way . I say fuck the pathetic NALC for not holding the spineless democrates accountable.

  7. This isn’t the 1st Republican President we’ve had and 1st person to try to take our benefits, yet our union is still here, and we still have the benefits. It’s time for our union leaders to step up and do what a union is supposed to….. fight for its members and not worry about how many more members we can get. Unfortunately I don’t think Rolando will do that. We shall see

    • You are correct !!! The Union should step up, but everyone needs to understand the “Union” is the members and not just the representatives.
      All Union workers and non union workers need to pay attention in the next 24 months.
      it is not your future but your childrens future.

  8. The thought of Trump as president is revolting. I’m glad I’m out of the USPS by Jan. 12. I just don’t understand the sheer number of people who voted for this tyrant after all the shit he’s pulled. Manners mean nothing. Character, integrity, honesty mean shit. It does nothing but give a green light to all politicians to act as terrible as they wish now that enough people don’t care enough to save their own nation.
    A Republican majority further seals the deal. This is what happens when neither party has a decent person running. Hillary was no prize either, and because we didn’t get Bernie Sanders, Trump is in. I still can’t wrap my head around this reality. The depth of American stupidity has totally destroyed my confidence in anybody making the right decisions any more. Maybe a Trump presidency is what millions of us deserve, but those of us who knew better don’t.
    The USPS will be attacked for sure, unions will be fighting for their existence, and benefits and retirements for future employees will take a huge hit because we LET IT HAPPEN. Thanks for nothing, you stupid Trump supporters.

  9. All federal and postal employees who voted for Trump when their jobs and benefits are reduced should write him a letter of thanks

    • There you go Tom, a way to jump start the Postal services lagging
      1st. class business. If the rank, and file did not like carrying dead weight
      in the past. They surely are not going to enjoy whats coming.

      • First Class letter volume will never come back to what it was, it’s all about the package and Priority Mail business that should be very profitable and PMG Brennan and top management need to stop crying about the decline of the first class letter volume and maximize the package business as much as they can,which they should have been doing 10 years ago.

          • It is sad that federal workers voted for a man who is not friendly with federal workers. At the Greensboro P&DC we have maintenance workers who think Trump is some kind of mesiah. When he threatens your federal benefits be carefu what you asked for. Larry Rankins

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