Tulsa Postal Supervisor pleads guilty in theft of marijuana from mailed packages

2/5/2018 – A U.S. Postal Service supervisor admitted Monday to participating in a scheme with another employee known as “Chuck the Sniffer” to stealing marijuana from packages at the mail sorting facility in Tulsa.

Laura Mae Campbell, 47, of Claremore pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma to one count of conspiracy as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.


Campbell, a supervisor at the Postal Service Mail Processing and Distribution Center, faces an eight- to 14-month prison term when she is sentenced May 7, under the terms of the agreement.

A search warrant affidavit filed in the case indicated that the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General received a hotline tip in July that employees were taking drugs from rifled packages that went through the Tulsa center.

The complaint alleged Campbell and Derek Miller, also known as “Chuck the Sniffer,” were involved in the drug thefts.

Beginning in August, USPS-OIG agents conducted surveillance and reviewed video of Miller and Campbell while at work, according to the affidavit. Video reportedly showed Miller regularly removing parcels from the mail stream and then taking them to Campbell’s office.

Miller, in a plea agreement filed Jan. 3, admitted to stealing marijuana and other drugs from packages beginning the fall of 2015.


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4 thoughts on “Tulsa Postal Supervisor pleads guilty in theft of marijuana from mailed packages

  1. The postal service really needs to drug test these clowns they’re promoting into management….pretty much, if you have a pulse then you’re qualified.

    I mean look at this clown’s mugshot….fresh from the trailerpark, rocking homemade red dyed hair….was the circus in town that week?

    Then you had the sociopathic supervisor in Indiana who was destroying and ripping off hundreds of veteran’s prescription medications….special place in Hell for that sick puppy.

    Please!!! Drug test these animals in management!!!

  2. Another great job screening job by management. Look at this mug – I’ll bet she was stoned off her ass most of the time. As for “Chuck The Sniffer” – well, Chuck, I never touched coke or any hard drug, but I saw enough people snort coke and they were constantly sniffling.
    If it isn’t drugs, skank postal employees go after everything else. I ordered some CD’s for Christmas, three of them, and never got them. The distributor emailed me and told me several shipments from his company just mysteriously disappeared at the hands of the Postal Service.
    But how can you stop this behavior when half or most of the time it’s dirty managers taking part? Talk about letting managers and supervisors run amok! PMG Brennan says nothing when wages in Richmond and Boston are stolen, but does make patsies out of several African American supervisors in the Richmond case by removing them. She never comments on reports of abusive behavior against craft people. She basically doesn’t give a shit what her underlings do, and doesn’t want to be bothered.
    It’s YOUR ship you’re running aground, Brennan. Nobody expected anything worthwhile out of you given you rode the coattails of Pat Donohoe all the way to L’ Infant Plaza. That doesn’t absolve you from allowing wholesale embezzlement from workers, allowing drug stealing from your supervisors and managers, and treating craft like shit. Why you remain in office only reaffirms to me just how inept, corrupt and stupid postal management at the highest levels ultimately is. Had you any integrity, you would have been all over this employee theft, but frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn the decision to steal from your own workers came from the highest USPS levels.

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