Update: 911 calls released after naked Dublin OH postal worker allegedly kills postmaster, supervisor

DUBLIN, OH (WCMH) – We’re learning more about what happened on Saturday after police say a Dublin Post Office employee killed one of his supervisors and the postmaster.

Post office employees who heard or saw the shooting called 911. Many of them were hiding from the gunman, who police said is 24-year-old Deshaune Stewart. Stewart is in custody.


“I just happened to turn and look and one of our carriers came in and he looked, he looked naked,” said a 911 caller, who identifies himself as a post office employee. “He shot our supervisor in the shoulder and as soon as I seen that, we all scattered. I got out of there.”

Police say Stewart shot and killed 52-year-old supervisor Lance Herrera-Dempsey at the post office.

Then, investigators said Stewart waited for and attacked 53-year-old Ginger Ballard outside of her apartment complex, about three hours later.

Source: 911 calls released after naked Dublin postal worker allegedly kills boss, coworker | NBC4i.com

23 thoughts on “Update: 911 calls released after naked Dublin OH postal worker allegedly kills postmaster, supervisor

  1. The po employs every personality type out there. Workplace violence can happen anywhere its a risk we all take every day on the job no matter where employed. The only person at fault here is the shooter. Their is no justifiable reason to blame anyone else for such a horrible act. Maybe a type of mental stability interview or test as part of hiring conditions would help but i doubt that. My condolences to the families i am sorry for your loss.

  2. The Federal government does nothing to curb gun violence. Senator John Thune said “We must protect ourselves”. So this is why we pay taxes, to defend ourselves! Before the National guard and Army reserve were formed state militias were used as backup for the regular Army. So people kept guns. Now with the Army Reserves and National Guard organized, people don’t need the many weapons. No where in the Constitution are words like assault rifles, silencer, and concealed weapons Our government is just too busy with voter suppression laws, killing off unions, sucking up to business, and killing work and environmental laws to worry about the unneeded citizens.

  3. is anyone really surprised by any of this? Russian Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is less toxic than the US Postal Circus. but wait, the Postal OIG is on the case. ROFLMFAO! PFP Bonus Scam Cash is job # 1.

  4. My condolence to the families as well. With accidents so easy to happen anywhere we go, anywhere we are; the workplace should be one of our safety zones. Unfortunately, it isnt. Regardless of how toxic the USPS environment is, there is never a reason to resort to this type of violence. Anywhere. I would like the USPS endorse their workplace anti-violence policy at every level. Not that I know what happened to provoke such a horrendous act in this situation, if indeed there even was provocation. But they must admit, it happens to frequently not to be a crisis.

  5. Wouldn’t be surprised if the same happened in my office
    The postmaster here runs 19026 the same way and nothing happens

  6. He must have not taken the BS employee survey.
    He didn’t have a “friend” in the Post Office.
    Amazed is doesn’t happen more often.
    Most Toxic workplace in America.

    • There is no excuse for murder. If the PO is so toxic, why in heaven’s name would a person convinced of this stay there?

      • Management has probably cost a lot of postal employees their lives. Stress is the number one killer. Management sucks.

      • Typical mgmt. response. The toxic postal environment is known to all, postal or not, and instead of changing and fixing it as should be done, the response is If you don’t like it, leave.

        People like you are part of the problem. Not the solution.

        • You assume I respond from the management point of view. I commented as a rational human being. My position with the USPS has nothing to do with what I stated. Murder has no justification. Period. People convinced they are helplessly, hopelessly living in a hell hole and do nothing to escape? These people are rational?

  7. update from Mid-Island PD&C 117/119…..”found” four (4) 53 foot trailers of Christmas mail in the yard lol……..just goes to show you the “tribe” they put in place should have stayed at 7/11. last place for a reason. Express Mail is in the toilet bowl. will not give OT to get it out ontime. (better to let it go for free when late) they renewed the clown’s contract. his # 2 is a 85 IQ on a good day. Northeast Region Vice President should be fired for his poor placement of mismanagement personnel skills. PMG IOD Brennen is clueless when it comes to running a business. she is great at running a Postal Circus. that is all. FUBAR!

  8. there is a reason why people do what they do. going postal was not made up for no reason, we will find out why this young man did what he did.

    • ITAV:
      Really?? You obviously think that he did what he did because of PO management?? This idiot was under investigation because he’s a low life POS!! Yeah, there’s a reason he did what he did……because he’s an un-educated, entitled millennial, who wants a paycheck for doing NOTHING!! And when he gets attention from management, it’s because ‘there out to get him’. Unbelievable.

  9. usps management, Union officers, coworkers, and eap program officials work together and are known as bias.. officials has written up employees with falsified reports, harrassed, mistreated and favoritismed employees to their liking.
    The fear we experience by these type of people who treats certain individuals poorly and badly are surrounded by work violence abuse and can lead to danger upon the known individual who is the victim, as well as endangering those liable for this type of behavior brought upon all. Knowingly to cause mental disturbances, leading to fear of anxiety, fear of being harrassed, fear to perform our jobs. fear that these officials or parties have bullied and controlled us being that we are under there supervision. threatening us daily with our jobs and lies they make up to terminate or to have us walk off and quit is a crime. Though for years they have denied, admitted or closed there ears and eyes to the abuse they are liable and capable of. Undergoing fear pressure and stress of crying out for help or fairness is one thing many have neglected or ignored. Improvements and changes needs to be made quickly, all work related environment leading to filed grievances, death, injuries, or psychiatric treatment should be monitored closely and investigated to prevent and provide a safe work place for all. Apparently something wrong is happening in the work place for these types of cases to be reported, also pertaining to the use of drug, alcohol, or suicidal subject matters which are all relevant to our work atmosphere. No person should be committing a crime from bullying to harrassment, causing the victim of abuse to commit the crime. Assure every individual is monitored for the safety of us all

    • Management may be poor in the USPS in a number of ways, though there are certainly good managers. The culture sucks. Nevertheless, the greatest shortcoming is in employing poor quality human beings that commit murder or somehow justify it by another. If the work environment is so terrible for good people, why would they stay?

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