Updated: USPS Retirees Wanted for Holiday Clerk Assistants

The following is updated information on USPS hiring retirees and Holiday Clerks for the upcoming “peak season” … The pay rate is slightly higher than previously reported.

Summary: Hundreds of “Annuitant Holiday Clerk Assistant” and “Holiday Clerk Assistant” jobs are listed at USPS.com/Careers.  The pay is $16.98 per hour.  The deadline to apply is September 25, 2017.  In Function 4 (Customer Service), Holiday Clerk Assistants may be hired for six weeks within the holiday exception period: either November 11 through December 22, 2017; or November 25 through January 5, 2018.  In Function 1 (Mail Processing), PSEs may be hired and exceed the 20% district cap during the 8-week period of November 11 to January 5, 2018.  No EAS annuitants will be hired as temporary supervisors this year due to the contractual violations that occurred last year.


Updated: Peak Season Exception Period for Holiday Clerk Assistants 2017

The Postal Service informed APWU that with the PSE pay raise in November 2017, they will now have a rate of pay of $16.98 per hour.  HCAs will be paid at same rate of a level-6 PSE.  Holiday Clerk Assistants can be hired as early as 11/11/2017 with APWU. As part of the USPS/APWU agreement ALL HCAs will earn the higher rate.  This was important for  APWU to avoid inequities in pay resulting from HCAs being hired before the effective date of the pay increase. In Customer Service (Function 4), Holiday Clerk Assistants (HCAs) will be hired for three consecutive pay periods within the exception period — either November 11 through December 22, 2017; or November 25, 20017 through January 5, 2018.

 “The deadline for annuitants to apply for HCA positions will be extended to September 25th. The agreement does not extend the period and this change does not change, or amend any provisions of any prior MOUs or Q and As involving the Peak Season Exception Period.”

 Last season, APWU had a problem with USPS hiring Temporary Supervisors during the Peak Season. The Temporary Supervisors were often found working in the lobby assisting customers –which is a violation of the contract. So to avoid a possible national dispute USPS stated they will not be hiring EAS annuitants during the peak season. The agreement only covers the APWU Clerk Craft and 204B MOU/Lead Clerks. Other USPS crafts are not affected by this agreement.

 In addition to the previous information, APWU will be provided at the national level with the names of annuitants who applied to work as a HCA, their former craft, and their retirement date. The Postal Service will also indicate whether they were accepted or rejected for employment and the reasons for the decision.

  The goal is to find work opportunities for APWU retired brothers and sisters.

USPS to hire postal retirees from various crafts for “peak” holiday season

22 thoughts on “Updated: USPS Retirees Wanted for Holiday Clerk Assistants

  1. I did this last year, and will do so again this year. As a retired Lead Retail Clerk, I got to just meet and greet customers, and retrieve mail. I got to see alot of customers and coworkers, and the supervisor’s actually left me alone. Putting in six weeks of this is a breeze, and you do get to tell the newbies and even some regular workers what they are doing wrong.

  2. Don’t care what they think of the Postal Service. Some are lazy workers n some are good workers too. I owe a lot from the Postal Service because that’s where I’m getting my pension now. I did get my good benefits and it helped me paid my bills. I’m thankful n grateful for working for them..

  3. Every year this is posted and even for mail count, then the Ohio Valley District will not hire anyone.

  4. Did it last year, won’t do it again. At first no hours then lots of hours and no ot for the regulars. I remember Xmas ot helped pay the bills. Don’t need it that bad. Retirement is good.

  5. I was retired January 2013.,
    I worked st pete main office for 43 years, I never worked on machines
    for 43 years… and work with manual clerk, pouch rack, genreal expedtior…

  6. So the tax payer subsidizes the Postal Service? Not true. However, the tax payer does subsidizes many private businesses! The cheap bastards pay minimum wages and the tax payer pays for the earned income tax credit, food stamps, Medicaid, welfare, tax abatement, and what ever else they can suck from the tax payer. The money the businessmen don’t spend on their employees, they spend on themselves. the businessmen love to collect wealthfare. And the tax payer loves to give to the leaches! Many people think it’s wrong to give funds to the poor, but just great to give to business.

  7. as a 5 year retired supervisor can I come back and stand there with a coffee and donut making $40 bucks an hour? my skill set may be off, but I will not bother to eat jelly donuts and make a mess on the floor.

  8. I’d come back to tell all the clowns that p o’s me to F off and give up on having a Christmas season like regular people do …not

  9. So the inbred clowns at Elephant Plaza thought it be a great idea to unleash retired EAS psychos in postal lobbies on an unsuspected public!….you can’t make this crap up!!!

  10. last year at our Plant retired clerks called to find out if they could work during the six week period as per the agreement….they were told take a hike. all temp positions were filled with po mismanaging bureaucrats brat kids. (lazy bums like their parents) every program that comes down the pike, rest assured that these tools can corrupt it. I can not wait till UPS, FDX, & AMZN take the Postal Circus out. how a business concern can lose Billion and Billions of dollars (700 million a month) a year and stay afloat….begs the question who is subsidizing this place with taxpayer money? (they say no, I say they do-otherwise they would go bust)

  11. I retired 2013 want to work in Delaware for Holiday Season. Retired in Puerto Rico. U.S.P.S.

    • $16.98 to harass the regular newbies at the PO and continue not doing shit that I was doing prior to retirement? Hell ya!

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