UPS Drivers To Demonstrate Against 70-Hour Work Week

BOSTON (CBS) — UPS drivers are planning to demonstrate against a 70-hour work week during the holiday season.

The Teamsters Locals said UPS “is forcing a 70-hour week for drivers” which is “a nationwide issue jeopardizing the safety of drivers and the general public.”


UPS failed to plan ahead and hire seasonal drivers for the holidays, said the Teamsters, and instead increased the hours of regular workers to compensate.

“Teamster who usually show up for work 45 minutes early will instead demonstrate against the unfair move by management this holiday season.”

source: UPS Drivers To Demonstrate Against 70-Hour Work Week

13 thoughts on “UPS Drivers To Demonstrate Against 70-Hour Work Week

  1. Dear Mr. Gipper’s Ghost I know how capitalism works.You have the greedy business leaches on one side, and the people that are expected to do the work for free on the other side! If you are man enough to make a living wage, then you are man enough to pay a living wage! And yes I support Bernie Sanders. In America it’s wrong to provide health care for your citizens while at the same time nothing wrong handing funds to businessmen. They must collect their wealthfare A business is allowed to pay as little as possible to an employee while the tax payer must pay for1 . The earned Income Tax Credit. 2 Food Stamps. 4 Medicaid. 5 Welfare. American business isn’t expected to be self reliant. They are encouraged to suck off the tax payer. Even better than Bernie Sanders is Tommy Douglas.

  2. can always find another job…….no one is holding a gun to their head. just like po workers complain about po and do not strike. guess happy with a 1% raise. what did Carter, Clinton, or Obammy do for the postal workers that was so much better than Reagan or Bush. get rid of the PFP bonus scam and go “on budget” at PO. it would be a start. RICO charges should be brought against PMG Muffin Meagan.

  3. Hope they go on strike, that’ll show their dumba$$ management who’s in charge around here, cause it ain’t the bosses is it’s the workers!!!!

  4. Great post, wtodd; I agree with every word. Isn’t it just mind numbing how successful the “reward in the afterlife” scam has worked so well for so long? I’m one for delayed gratification, but not quite that delayed! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  5. This is what happens when the voters elect pro business politicians. The businessmen tell the elected stooges how to vote on what business wants. Nothing for the workers, or the environment. Do you believe that the Ratpublicans want to force business to provide decent working conditions, pay raises, health care? They don’t even want employees to engage in collective bargaining. People complain about work and how they are treated, denied raises, and job security. However they then vote for someone that stabs them in the back! They lack self respect. In the 1880’s reverend D. Moody traveled America that “The poor needs not much and that they will be rewarded for their labor in heaven” So the poor and middle class should enjoy working for not much now while alive. Because when they are dead they will be able to enjoy the years of work, while rich people can enjoy the fruits of other people’s labor while they are alive! People run their lives based on emotions, and not on intellect. So next election, think. Do you want to get even with others, or try to find people that will better your life? Don’t care about health care or retirement. Just make sure every one can have a gun and a sports stadium.

    • UPS drivers are union. Why no mention of them? Are they just as worthless as most other unions?

      Todd, in general, you’re just plain clueless as to how capitalism works.
      No doubt, you’re a supporter of the doddering fool Sanders.

    • Your preaching on the wrong site. I agree with you but there are too many uneducated trolls here to get any messages across.

  6. I wish I was in the Boston area so I could walk the line with them. The holidays really suck for anyone in delivery. Darkness, forced ot and constant pressure to get it all delivered. They never hire enough qualified people.

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