Upsurge in February retirements causes backlog to balloon–Will It Affect Postal Retirees?

PostalReporter Reader:

OPM must be backlogged. Normally they send a Civil Service Annuity (CSA) number within 2 weeks followed by a temporary annuity statement…25,000 USPS retirees may be missing their first retirement check today.

A woman whose VER paperwork was finished by HRSSC & sent to OPM in early January was not paid today. She hasn’t heard anything from OPM.

According to an article I read online  it can take up to 8 weeks or retirees to get their first retirement check. OPM is backlogged.  Poll your readers when they got their first retirement check.

Upsurge in February retirements causes backlog to balloon

The number of federal employees filing retirement claims last month spiked to more than 20,000 — nearly four times what the Office of Personnel Management projected, according to new OPM data released Tuesday.

The 20,374 retirement claims filed by federal employees in February is more than the number of claims filed in October, November and December of last year combined. OPM expected to receive 5,600 claims last month.

While retirements typically surge in January, recent history has shown they settle back down in the proceeding months. After a similar 20,000-claim surge last January, just 6,415 feds filed for retirement in February 2012.

But the unexpected surge in February retirements contributed to a sharp rise in the number of backlogged claims — from 29,478 at the end of December to more than 41,103 by the end of Feburary. Last month also marked the first time since OPM unveiled its new retirement-processing efforts more than a year ago that the backlog grew beyond OPM’s projections. OPM had expected to cut the backlog to a little more than 33,000 by the end of February.

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  1. Got mine on time! OPM you rock!

    Any one interested in info on the Social Security Supplement?

    I found this surprise [B & C] under the term Annuity Supplement on the OPM website, CSRS/FERS Handbook:
    page 16:

    A. Duration of Retiree Annuity Supplement
    The retiree annuity supplement terminates at approximately age 62, whether or not the retiree is entitled to or applies for Social Security benefits at that time. (See section 51A1.1-3, paragraph E, for specific termination date.)

    B. Earnings Reduction
    A retiree may not receive part or all of the supplement if his or her earnings exceed a certain amount. After reaching the MRA, retirees who are receiving the annuity supplement are required to report earnings annually to OPM. (See part 51A3 for detailed information.)

    C. COLA’s
    The retiree annuity supplement is not increased by cost-of-living adjustments (COLA’s).

  2. I retired on the 31st and got my case # and also my information. Got a check (interim payment which is really not what you get—-it didnt contain the supplement. I called and they told me they will get me the info with the supplement amount and the TRUE amount of what you get at a later date.She said it might be 6 months before it all gets straightened out. I held on the phone for 30 minutes so that gives you a clue how backed up they are.)I figure if they give me something, its better than nothing. I am going to sign up for money out of the TSP soon.

  3. If you retired from USPS and were paying dues to the APWU, how can you apply for the APWU Retirement fund?

  4. Mine nothing for march 1. I am civil service and suppose to be march 1. I got csa and password then look and find out to get next month April 1. Where is my pension for march 1??

  5. I was surprised to get paid March 1st. Have my claim # & password. All is well & happy to retired!! Good luck to those left behind : (

  6. You got yours you could care less if we get ours see ya find something to
    Do beside roam this site

  7. Word on the Street: Early out coming for Carriers by end of July 2013. Saturday delivery won’t matter, hiring 17 City Carrier Assistants(CCA)at my office. At $15.50-$16.50 per/hr and no Obama care till 2014, the savings are enormous. Anybody pickup $6.00 reduction in TE’s pay, equates to health care cost. That’s all Suckas.

  8. are the crooks who stole gambling money @80918 still there?…I guess they (denver district just shuffle and bustle)..and how about KAREN FAIRLEE and JOHN PETROZZELLI in the SPOKANE district…are they still making 80G’s a year….(OR MORE)….OIG must wake up and investigate these ESSENTIAL PERSONAL..that are informants providing the WRONG information…test them

  9. I am also a Jan. 31st retiree and I wasn’t expecting anything until the middle or end of March. I received my check on March 1st and got the claim number and password this week. Looks like I’m right on schedule and surprised.

  10. Me and all of my co-workers who took the incentive and retired Jan. 31st all received our interim payments March 1st right on time. I received my CSA number amd password in the last week. Good job OPM!

  11. Will Goofey be raising dues to offset the loss of income from these retirements? Will the APWU be downsizing anytime soon? Will OPIEU secretaries at 1300 L Street be let go by APWU? Will APWU ever disclose what happened to those funds generated by recent dues assessments in past 15 years? Will APWU ever tell its membership that they are not eligible for union retirement funds that were paid for with your dues money unless you have been a career union official?

  12. I retired Jan 31, 2013 and was told I would not receive my first check until March 15, 2013. It should be at least 75% of my annuity. I received my claim # on March 1, 2013 and would not receive my password until I got my first check. So I’m in waiting mode until March 15th.

  13. CSRS, 44+ years, 440hrs A/L. Had requested my packet in August 2012, but decided to wait until January 2. Jumped on the VER, had to stay until the 31st. Got my CSA number and password about 10 days later, my first check on March 1, at about 70%. Guess I can expect it will take longer than eight weeks to get normalized checks and adjustment. Would be nice if the first incentive check is on time. Miss some folks, don’t miss the job, especially don’t miss what tried to pass as management. The worst day of retirement is still better than the best day at work. Good luck, everybody.

  14. I retired August 31st under the Mailhandler VERA (FERS employee). It took 5 1/2 months to be finalized. The suppliment was less than I expected and I am in the process of finding out exactly how it is calculated.

  15. OPM is always 2 months behind in payments. It takes approximately 6 weeks for them to finalize your paperwork and then give you your case number etc. They will tell you they are sending an interum check until all calculations are finished but they still don’t send anything until it’s been 2 months (8 weeks). That’s how long it took for my husband and myself as well when we both retired from USPS. He retired 3 years ago and I retired this past July. It took the same amount of time for them to process each of us and to send each of our first check. Be patient you won’t get any money for 2 months. If you are eligible for social security they send their check 1 month after you have retired. Again social security is 1 month behind so to speak (you must wait 1 month for your first payment. They consider it like working and then getting paid therefore after you have been retired 1 month then you get paid).

    I will admit that OPM has hired some new people to help with all the retirement applications and some of these people (if you talk to them) are clueless to your needs. They need more training. If you try to call opm be assured it will take you about 3 days to get through unless you call first thing in the morning-which their hours are 7:30 a.m. to 7:45 p.m. eastern standard time-phone 1-888-767-6738. This info is from my personal experience!

  16. I’m covered under FERS and got my 1st interim pay direct deposited on March 1st. Also received my number and temp password from OPM this week. Money received seems to be about 75% of what my pension will be. It pays to save your AL and cash it out while you wait for your full pension check.

  17. OPM took 11 months to pay me after the last vera. it took a congress woman calling to get me payed

  18. Got my interim on time, about 70%. Got # same day. I too sent mine in immediately; I knew I was going. Maybe being quick helped some.

  19. @Rainman33-you are SO misinformed my friend. The VER statement sent out is NOT necessarily what your final annuity will be. In my case, my high 3 was NOT my last 3 years of service. This is the purpose of the interim payment. In addition, your years of service which is what the Special Supplement is based on will NOT change and has no relation to your final annuity payment or on the payment you receive whatsoever.

    P.S.- Retired 1/31/13 and received payment on Mar 1.

  20. Don’t be too relax during retirement, Everyone can lose their pension if the national debt keeps breaking record highs!!! Make a plan to create your economy, otherwise inflation will make it worst especially you lose 50% of your base salary!!!

  21. what a mess, OPM does not recognize me as an employee and has no record of my emoployment. I did manage to download my EOPF prior to my last day of Jan.31. I plan to drive it there in person. I don’t trust anyone now and will need some $$ sooner or later.

  22. Retired on Jan. 31…CSRS…got my first interim on March 1 for 68% of estimated…got my CSA # and password next day ! so far…so good…!

  23. Got my 1st interim pay direct deposited on March 1st. Also received my number and temp password from OPM this week. Money received seems to be about 75% of what my pension will be. I sent my retirement decision paperwork back the day I received it. Maybe the earlier input helped.

  24. This is a shame, people waiting several months for an accurate check that contains a total that was affirmed before their retirement date. If OPM can figure a percentage, why not the entire amount? I understand that FERS annuitants cannot receive any of their social security supplement until OPM straightens out their postal retirement…..embarassing

  25. retired from the post office on jan an interim check of about 55% on march 1.received my csa number also.guess im just lucky.

  26. Who wants to stay with Congress having a lack of interest and our PMG having $2.2 million to spend on a conference in San Francisco no one seems to be looking out for the Postal Service.

  27. No check here. I took early out ( January 31) ….and quite frankly, I have not strained my neck too much looking for my mailman with this retirement check. I figure it will be maybe around 6-8 months from now.

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