User error by supervisor leaves Houston-area USPS employees underpaid

12/27/17 HOUSTON – Some United States Postal Service employees in the Houston area, saddled with 14-hour days and seven-day workweeks over the last month because of the holidays, have been underpaid thousands of dollars, Channel 2 Investigates has learned.


“Every week they say: ‘Next Friday, next Friday, next Friday,’,” one veteran letter carrier said.

He asked not to be named, because he feared retribution.

“The Postal Inspector said they are watching social media. You have no right to complain, you have no right to raise your voice, what happens in the post office stays in the post office,” the employee said.

The problem appears to be confined to rural route mail carriers in north Harris County, covering Tomball, parts of The Woodlands and many places in between.

“Every time we ask, they say, ‘We don’t know, there was a glitch in the system.”

But Channel 2 Investigates learned the glitch was actually traced to human error by a supervisor at the Post Office in Tomball at 122 N. Holderrieth Blvd.

User error by supervisor leaves Houston-area USPS employees underpaid

21 thoughts on “User error by supervisor leaves Houston-area USPS employees underpaid

  1. The inspectors are wrong, you can complain but you can’t mention any specific customer or address. If you are complaining about supervisors and stick to the facts you are safe. Do not editorialize and inject your opinion. We know they are unencumbered by the thought process.

  2. We had a manager led out in cuffs over this very issue. He’s been a frequent flyer in terms of suing the service and being awarded back pay and/or do nothing promotions but his lawyer isn’t going to touch this one.

    I should count myself lucky that this hasn’t been an issue in my district, they’ve been handing out Victory time like it’s going out of style.

  3. what goes on in the post office, stays in the post office? wrong rent a security guard. sun light is the best disenfectant, especially for a corrupt govy agency like the postal circus. I am always on the phone with the offices of Senators Federal & State, State Assembly personnel. Congresspeople from all over the country to educate them on the corruption. tell them Postal OIG is just a rubber stamp at best and in on the PFP cash scam at worst. local Town officals, TV stations, even online at the local supermarket.(I tell people to call the local congressman, give them his number) you name it I educate the public on how corrupt this place has become. President Trump needs to put them “ON BUDGET” so he can keep a close eye on the postal mismanagement evil doers and fire the dumb bums who have lost Billions of Dollars the last 11 years straight. sue me if you can….I have a law degree from Fordham U. Brennan the Obammy holdover should be fired as of yesterday!

  4. where is the corrupt Postal OIG……loss of 125 Billion since 2009 and not one word about corrupt PO Mismanagement. hey OIG where were you when Democrat Sen Diane Feinstein and PMG Donewhore had their sweet NO BID REAL ESTATE CONTRACT SCAM………… were paid off with PFP cash….thats where! TRUMP IS ON TO YOU LIKE WHITE ON RICE!

  5. My paycheck is always missing around $500…I’m owed over $2000 now from the last 3 months. We work 16 hours, 7 days a week and most r too tired to check our ever confusing paystubs. Then when you speak on it you still wait months for a fix. Ik ppl who r waiting on pay from last year! I don’t get it…it’s illegal to not pay ppl :/

  6. Rural carriers have become the red headed unwanted step child of the postal service. We rarely get service/safety talks, only get attention from management when it’s in a negative situation. I have been trying to get my route/salary adjusted properly for months because of a supervisor not taking the proper steps when adding unwanted deliveries to my route (miles away from my line of travel).
    It’s a sad state when you have to file a grievance to get management to do their job.
    We, as employees are held accountable, but who is holding management accountable for doing their job properly??? 🤔

  7. Time to promote the stupidvisors involved. Every time management does anything wrong and screws the low life employees, they should be rewarded. Why is management trying to keep the employees silent and not let the public know? What are they afraid of? From a grievance the NALC had an arbitrator once ruled that “Management has every right to mismanage”. And that’s why they make the big bucks!

  8. Do none of these people know about how to get a pay advance? That would have been the first thing I would have asked for.

  9. typical managrment bull shiite,
    doesn’t take months to fix
    problem, fire the useless
    manager/postmaster, clean

  10. This kind of crap is exactly what leads to mass shootings by employees. Unrealistic expectations now includes the expectation that employees will be paid for what they work. It’s theft pure and simple. Funny, but this NEVER used to happen before computers. Real pieces of shit.

  11. An “error”. Only error was hiring the thieving clown in the first place. True postal fashion he’s been transferred. This outfit makes the catholic church look like choir boys when it comes to hiding problem makers.
    But it’s us crafts that are the problem. And that inspector is out of line.


  12. Supervisor error? Calling B.S. on that. Not paying postal employees for all their workhours is a nationwide problem that has been reported on many times.

    • Me too but I quickly filed an EEOC complaint against the PM charging her with violating my civil rights based on retaliating for union activity. It was amazing, she couldn’t kiss my butt enough after that and she left a few weeks later for a long term detail.

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