USPS announces retirement of Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Cochrane

Chief Customer and Marketing Officer James P. Cochrane will retire next month after more than 43 years of USPS service.


Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan announced the retirement in a Jan. 2 memo, writing that Cochrane has had “a lasting impact” on the organization and the mailing and shipping industry.

“In his recent roles as chief customer and marketing officer and chief information officer, and in numerous prior roles in Operations, Sales, Marketing and Information Technology, he has been an innovative leader, anticipating our business challenges, identifying growth opportunities and formulating and executing strategies to improve our ability to compete for customers,” Brennan wrote.

Cochrane helped develop the Intelligent Mail barcode and Intelligent Mail package barcode, two initiatives that improved the Postal Service’s ability to track mail and packages.

Other achievements include Informed Delivery and Informed Visibility, as well as the development of Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping and other offerings that helped drive growth in the organization’s package business.

Brennan hailed Cochrane’s focus on both businesses and consumers. “Jim has been a tireless advocate for the customer, and for improving the experience every customer has with us,” she wrote.

The retirement takes effect Feb. 2. A successor will be named at a later date. USPS News Link

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11 thoughts on “USPS announces retirement of Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Cochrane

  1. Bet he gets a “consulting” job with one of the POs suppliers.
    Just another toolbag who couldn’t manage his way out of a
    paper bag that had openings at both ends. The spa in DC is
    full of them. Millions wasted annually on these toolbags that
    do nothing but bring Meghen muffins on a daily basis. Fire them

  2. Another overpaid and under worked bozo who contributed nothing to the movement or delivery of the mail.

    Good riddance. But this clown show is so top heavy it’s ridiculous.

  3. 11 straight years of Billion Dollar losses…………how many executives in a Fortune 500 company would still have their job with that track record of red ink? only in the US Postal Circus. Trump was 100% on point………..dummies without a clue. give me my 40K buyout! just look at who praises him……that other clueless dummy…..IOD Brennen!

  4. Kristen will suceed this clown…and the legacy of running a tax-exempt monopoly into the ground will continue.

  5. This is one chief customer and marketing officer who has proven he was yet one more pitiful excuse for an upper level manager. Customers are regarded by management as pains in the ass. People like this guy have led the USPS into the worst performance nationally it has ever experienced. Closing plants, deliberately understaffing offices, using half price employees who don’t get career jobs until a full timer retires or transfers with the exception of the one time conversion for CCA’s under the new NALC agreement, losing mail and packages right and left – this is a man to be praised? Well, Brennan was an ass kisser first rate herself with no real experience as a craft employee – she served NINE WHOLE MONTHS as a city carrier until she “couldn’t do it” – and has proven she got where she was through pure nepotism, favoritism and who knows what else. As “fly on the wall” says, the impact has been totally negative. Violent crimes and murder in postal facilities is on the rise, yet we hear nary a peep from unions or management.
    I have had my mail delivered all over the place – neighbors, wrong street, etc. I have had neighbors’ packages delivered to me and vice versa, and some items I ordered on line for Christmas never arrived. Is that the kind of impact Cochrane gets “credit” for? Brennan glad hands her lackeys, so she thinks she’ll look good too. I’m glad I’m out and that my retirement benefits are in the hands of the OPM where postal incompetents can’t fuck them up. My service at home is so bad, with a few very important letters containing house payments, a credit card payment and car payment never arriving at their destinations that I am seriously considering doing all bills through bank drafts because frankly and sadly, after 32+ years of delivering mail, I cannot trust the USPS to do the job properly.
    And any craft employee, especially city letter carriers and rural carriers who has done even 10 years of service has far outworked people like Brennan and Cochrane.

  6. lasting impact? I guess losing $125 Billion since 2007 and not paying $6.5 Billion prefunding each year since 2009 will have an impact. IOD Brennen forgot to mention it will be a negative impact. Trumb called these morons dumb………in this tools case 43 years of dumbness! keep buying UPS, FDX, & AMZN to hedge against these dummies!

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