USPS assures Ohio Rep mail processing standards will improve at Pontiac MI Metroplex mail center

Latta Updates County Boards of Elections on Ballot Mailing Issue

Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) has sent letters to county boards of elections in the Fifth Congressional District updating them on his inquiry into the delay of a significant number of absentee ballot deliveries during the 2016 general election. Latta has had continual communications with the United States Postal Service (USPS) regarding the Michigan Metroplex Processing Center in Pontiac, Michigan, the location determined to be the source of the ballot problem. Mail sent from most of the counties in Ohio’s Fifth District is sorted at that facility before being delivered. Latta toured the processing center and met with USPS officials last Monday.


The letter reads, “After many unsatisfactory conference calls and a meeting in Washington, D.C., I visited the Metroplex on Monday, April 17, 2017 during their evening sorting operation. Seeing the processing center first-hand and speaking with the area USPS managers was helpful for me to understand the mail process. USPS staff advised me they are taking steps to the address the facility’s overall mail processing standards by bringing in additional management from other processing plants around the country, implementing continuous audits, as well as making other operational improvements. Additionally, I was assured new absentee ballot handling procedures will be in place by next election to prevent lost ballots.”

Latta’s letter encourages board of elections to contact his office if they encounter any problems. Aside from the ballot issue, the Congressman’s office has also heard from constituents experiencing mail delays, and he encourages anybody experiencing significant USPS problems to reach out to his office.

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5 thoughts on “USPS assures Ohio Rep mail processing standards will improve at Pontiac MI Metroplex mail center

  1. I would also like to add that I appreciate my postal carriers and postmaster. They work very hard. It just sucks when you spend your days stressing over packages. Customers get pretty irate when their orders are. It fulfilled or fulfilled ridiculously late. The system is broken.

  2. I have had some of the worst mail experiences ever! Especially in the last month!!
    Twice I was sent a package from the same company. It gets hung up in either Allen Park or (as of tonight) in Pontiac!! It’s an expensive item and I am BEYOND frustrated! While searches are submitted no one seems to know anything about where my item is!! My package bounced from Detroit to Allen Park and then to Pontiac where it sits being held hostage. I consider this wasteful and inefficient to say the least. Michigan appears to be something of a black hole for mail! I’m so stressed over this and though all are friendly no one can really help. Customer service is horrible, the web site is horrible and tracking is antiquated. The address ion my mail is correct and it’s priority. These days I’m certainly not feeling like priority. It’s a service I feel less and less likely to pay for. USPS Sells its customers a service it cannot provide!! That’s bait and switch. I pay 9.95 per month to electronically pay for my mortgage because I can’t trust that USPS will deliver my payment in a timely manner. I paid one late charge too many and mailed WELL ahead! They lost it. I’m a very good customer but if this continues here in Michigan, I will be forced to look for another service.

  3. Only in this company can you find that part of the solution includes bringing in more management…REEELY!?!?! SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Your service standards as invented by management will be improved by bringing in more management!?!?! Almost fell off my chair lookin’ at that laugher of an idea. Latta is a co-sponsor of the hr 31 usps service standards bill, so as many in congress have already figured out, STAND UP for returning the service standards, this is a legislative step towards improving what the postal service does for people, day in and day out. Contact your collegues, this is long overdue!!!

  4. This Congressman said that he trusts that the Postal service will improve the movement of the mail. And that Postal management will rush election mail. While his party places restrictions on voting in many states!

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