USPS awards $96 million contract for 3,339 Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles

USPS Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles

4/19/16 Last year USPS signed a contract worth over $250 million to  purchase 9,113 2016 Ram ProMaster 2500 commercial vans as extended capacity delivery vehicles.  The contract  was awarded  to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles LLC (FCA). The purchase was separate from the pending  USPS Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) contract and contract award for USPS Intermediate Walk-In Body Delivery Trucks. 

USPS awards $96 million contract for 3,339 Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles


As previously reported:



The boost in package sales and delivery , the newly created position of “Assistant Rural Carrier” (ARC), the agreement to replace rural carrier LLVs in recent contract with NRLCA may warrant and/or justify the need for additional vans.

USPS awards $96 million contract for 3,339 Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles

see more photos at NALC Branch 40 web site

USPS began deployment late last year for the 9,113 extended capacity delivery vehicles to 285 postal facilities.  The vans will be used primarily to replace aging minivans and support the changing mail mix.

Also, as part of the contract, USPS had an option to buy an additional 3,340 extended capacity delivery vehicles for $94 million if exercised before the end of March 2016.

On March 24, 2016, USPS exercised that option to purchase an additional 3,339 extended capacity delivery vehicles from FCA US LLC for nearly $96 million. note: It is unclear as to why the modified contract award between USPS and FCA is nearly $2 million more than reported last year.

The Top 20 facilities for deployment of the extended capacity delivery vehicles are listed below:USPS may buy more Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles for $94 million?

6 thoughts on “USPS awards $96 million contract for 3,339 Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles

  1. talked with my UPS driver, they can purchase UPS stock at a company discount payroll deduction- after 25 years he has over 400K in stock, in addition to his pension. count me in. po mismgt gets bonus money for phony number counts…………..workers get crap. post office is corrupt, criminal enterprise. UPS #1. Go Teamsters!

  2. Don’t see any mention of mounted delivery vehicles here. It doesn’t say if these are right hand drive, either. Well, I’ll never get to use one since I retire at years’ end, but it would be nice for my friends to have better trucks than those piece of shit death trap LLV’s. Racks are a good idea, we need to be able to stand up, have better heating and circulation, and would it kill the USPS to put in a lousy AM/FM radio? I know that isn’t integral to the job but many carriers are wearing ear buds and MP3 players while they drive, and that’s not safe. We have enough distractions with several bundles and a lot more parcels than before.
    I have my smart phone with me, but I’ve told my wife and family not to call unless it’s an emergency or I call and leave a message to call back. It’s simply an accident waiting to happen. And don’t get me started on texting. Makes me wonder if anybody at any workplace does anything besides play with their damn phones all day.
    The USPS has made us drive the LLV’s for way too long, ruined millions of tires, not that Goodyear is complaining, are dealing with massive breakdowns, fires, and accidents caused by ancient junkers that look like hell against the newer trucks our competitors get regularly.

  3. with the 2017 Postal Deregulation Act we will get nice brown trucks, and nice clean 747 cargo jets, and world class professional management, teamsters, great stock price that will build your wealth over time…..what not to love. UPS & FDX both Fortune 500 Companies would be better to work for. US Postal Circus is like stage 4 cancer…….rotten to the core. you have nothing to fear but fear itself…….as stated by a great Democrat FDR! go for it! why root for a last place sports team when you can support a winner, same thing in business. a well run company is the best job security! Federal Govt 21 Trillion in debt will one day kick the PO to the curb because it will be forced to cut the fat.

  4. Someone please ask the PMG to have the racks from the old FFVs sent to the Raleigh area instead of throwing them out. We have never had racks in our trucks. The postmaster in Raleigh won’t spend any money to help her carriers. We were told we were going to get racks for the LLVs in the early 90s. Then were told in 2000 that we were getting new FFVs with parcel racks to replace the LLVs. We got the FFVs but no racks. Were told the racks are on the way. The rural carriers got racks in their LLVs but none for the FFVs. Even Russ Garned promised us racks. He lied. It’s been over 25 years. We could use some equipment.

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