USPS awards contract for 225,00 for mobile delivery devices

mobile delivery device

image credit: U. S. Postal Service

Honeywell Scanning and Mobility has been awarded a USPS contract to supply up to 225,000 Mobile Delivery Devices (MDDs) to replace the current handheld devices used by letter carriers today for package tracking. 
Minimum $100k Maximum $250M

The Mobile Delivery Device collects and transmits transactional data for packages at the post office and as packages are out for delivery. It can operate over the networks of multiple wireless carriers, as well as internal USPS networks. The next generation device, built by Honeywell, is the leading edge of a larger USPS plan to support the kind of multiple-event end-to-end tracking used by commercial shippers.

The device stores details about the workday of the carriers, said USPS CIO James Cochrane at a meeting with reporters at the annual National Postal Forum. Carriers will use the device to track their movements and their working time, and can even input vehicle data on the device. “It really becomes more of a work aid than just a scanner,” he said.

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