USPS Awards Mail Hauling Vehicle Rentals and Leases Contract worth up to $140 million over 7 yrs

usps fleet of trucksThe U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has a requirement to contracts for the rental and leasing of various types and capacities of motor vehicles primarily for the purpose of mail transportation. Motor Vehicle Services (MVS) vehicle utilization averages 20,000 miles per year on local routes and 30,000 to 60,000 miles per year on highway routes. The vehicles are primarily used for the transport of high volumes of mail delivered in major metropolitan areas. (Vehicles used on carrier delivery routes average less than 10,000 miles per year on most routes.)

The USPS MVS vehicle fleet consists of 7/11 ton cargo vans, Single Axle (SA) tractors, Tandem Axle (TA) tractors, and Spotter vehicles. As illustration of our needs, six hundred metro vans were leased within FY 2015 and currently there are one hundred thirty six (136) straight trucks and two hundred fifty one tractors (251) which are being leased to augment the USPS owned fleet. Delivery Services has a need for a small amount of heavy fleet vehicles (5-10)

On May 27,2016 the U.S. Postal Service awarded and Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract to Ryder Truck Rentals Inc, located at 6000 Windward Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30005 for the Mail Hauling Vehicle Rentals and Leases.

Based on the estimated requirements and the evaluation factors Ryder Truck Rental Inc’s service period will start on June 1, 2016.
Ryder Truck Rental Inc’s had the lowest price, highest ranking performance and capability ratings. The evaluation factors provided that price was more important in the best value decision

To service the current needs, Transportation Networks estimates the following number of vehicles will be needed long term:
26′ Cargo Vans – 136 Ea.(6,240,000 miles per year);
SA Tractors – 81 Ea. (3,990,000 miles per year) ;
TA Tractors 170 Ea. (9,150,000 miles per year).

The shorter term rentals are primarily used to replace vehicles that are out of service for repairs. Our Cargo Van fleet of 7 & 11 ton vehicles consists of approximately 1577 each 2004 International vehicles. Our Tractor fleet of Single and Duel Axle units consists of approximately 218 each 2006 Mack Truck vehicles.

The planned period of performance will be a total of seven (7) years with a three year base period and two (2) two-year option terms. The minimum amount of $3M with a maximum of $140M (for all years).


6 thoughts on “USPS Awards Mail Hauling Vehicle Rentals and Leases Contract worth up to $140 million over 7 yrs

  1. United States Postal Circus…..two steps away from socialist Venezuela type collapse.don’t you just love the mental mismgt migets!

  2. The USPS needs to get their asses in gear for city delivery vehicles. The LLV’s are deathtraps. Some “old timers” have written in telling us to quit bitching because they used to have three wheel carts, Jeeps, blah blah. Well, big deal. I had nothing but walking for 10 years, not even a pushcart or enough room for a lousy water bottle. Then it was those Jeeps that loved to kick themselves out of gear whether they were running or not.
    The LLV’s were nice when they were new, but just because a carrier drove earlier delivery vehicles doesn’t make the current fleet any safer. They are deathtraps – catching on fire, breaking down wearing out tires, heaters either blowing hot air all summer or not working at all in winter, visibility terrible, and on one occasion my LLV decided to slip into reverse while I was driving about 40 MPH on a busy street. That was fun.
    The fleet could and should have been replaced about 15 years ago. Enough money was wasted on having to replace good tires every few months because Grumman designed the LLV so the front and rear axles didn’t line up evenly, making the front tires skid into corners and wear out in record time because it is impossible to properly align or balance them. How many millions if not billions has Goodyear made off this design atrocity? If they had just made the chassis uniform the USPS would have had more than enough funds to keep the fleet up to date. But management being management, they probably would have invested the savings into something stupid anyway.
    There is no excuse for the condition of the fleet. They are scarred, decals in many cases worn off, dented, and look like absolute hell. I only have a little over six months to retirement, but if I get in an accident that is not my fault and can be attributed to the LLV malfunctioning, I would not hesitate to sue. The NALC on the national level should have shown some balls by filing a national grievance demanding safe vehicles. But as usual, who listens to the people doing the work?

    • Has nothing to do with shuttering of Mvs. It’s to augment the fleet when trucks/tractors are low. Do you even work in transportation?

  3. Simply put, they will no longer buying vehicles for MVS. This is the start of closing the VMF’s.

    • Management has come up with what they thought were genius ways to eliminate MVS over the last several years and lost to the APWU in arbitration every time.

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