USPS begins working overtime as Christmas nears

12/5/17 OPA-LOCKA, FLA. (WSVN) – The busiest mailing season of the year has begun, as U.S. Postal Service employees in Opa-locka prepare thousands of packages for shipment.


USPS’ Royal Palm Processing and Distribution Center gave 7News a tour of the facility, where workers were seen sorting through packages. “Daily volume we have 500,000 to 750,000 packages processed in 24 hours,” said USPS spokesperson Debra Fetterly. “In the two weeks before Christmas, we will reach at least a million if not more.”

However, workers said the holiday preparation began long before December arrived.

“We are geared up for the holiday,” said Fetterly. “We start planning during July. We have meetings, determine how much staffing we’re going to need, the anticipated volume over last year. This year, we’re anticipating a 10 percent increase in packages

Source: USPS begins working overtime as Christmas nears

6 thoughts on “USPS begins working overtime as Christmas nears

  1. The Manasota p & dc we have been getting lots of priority and they do it by hand we send 1st class to Ybor where the have the miachine to run it tour 3 is the tour who gets the mostly over time here is not so bad lately.

  2. Just got to get those workers to show up, when they bang in, the packages just sit there. SHOCKER

  3. Our plant is getting 16 hours/7 days a week. people are
    starting to stress out. People are starting to look like zombies.
    Management is freaking out because the mail is still not getting
    out on time. Casuals come in and quit after one night because
    of the treatment by mismanagement that they dish out nightly.
    Employees are calling 911 on each other. Employees ae being
    walked out nightly. What a joke. Mismanagement at its best.
    The plant manager is a spawn of Satan. Yells and screams at
    everyone. Gets upset when people go to restrooms, has underlings
    who have been fired in the past. One SDO is called the Nazi. One
    SDO couldn’t pass the PO test until they let him take it home.
    Safety went out the window years ago. They Look the other way and
    they can say they weren’t aware. What a bunch of losers. Get out
    while you can.

  4. What a bunch of crap. As usual from any eas. Facilities are woefully understaffed throughout the country.

    Wouldn’t it be something if these clowns, for even just one minute, could say something that wasn’t a lie ?

  5. funny…at Mid-Island PDC, 117/119 NY, they are not giving out overtime to get the mail out. just re-running it and changing the dates-letting it pile up……….MR OIG THEY ARE SECOND TO LAST FOR A REASON! HOW ABOUT GETTING OFF YOUR ASS FOR A FULL BLOWN UNANNOUNCED INSPECTION! end the PFP Bonus Scam….it has become corrupted. Plant Manager is a proven loser…..what do they do….renew his contract for another 2 years lol. now you know why people refer to this place as the US Postal Circus!

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