USPS carrier caught throwing package, swearing at teenager

DAVENPORT, Fla. — A USPS carrier is not only tossing packages on tape, but a homeowner says she’s delivering bad behavior.

Back in September, Lynda Burton began noticing her packages were showing up broken, damaged and sometimes even opened.

Davenport mail carrier caught tossing package

That inspired her to install a RING doorbell to capture carriers on film.

“I wanted to see who was doing it. Was it FedEx, UPS, a mail carrier? How are they getting damaged, how?” Lynda Burton said she wanted to find out who was responsible, and it didn’t take her long to discover it was her USPS carrier.

In the video, you can see the carrier looking at the fence preventing her to get to the front door, look at the package and then yell “Knock, knock,”. When no one answers the door she tosses the package, it hits the front door and almost like a victory, she pumps her fist and says “from the post office”. ABC Action News Tampa Bay

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  1. the new Postal Circus…….where the PO mismanagers out number the delivery people 3 to 1. former PMG Marvin Runyon said they were over staffed by 50% 20 years ago…..what is it now? NALC and APWU are also to blame for allowing them to hire CCA and PSE’s without any security. 60-70% do not stay….revolving door of people who do not care. just another stupid move by a bunch of dumb mismanagers. nepotism is their job # 1.

  2. Check out the video. Judging by the looks of her son, at least we know that the contents of the box was not WEIGHT WATCHERS MEALS

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