USPS closing bulk of plants starting in April 2015, postal employees retiring on VER in January

Some Postal Employees in USPS Western Area retiring January 31, 2015

USPS closing bulk of plants starting in April 2015, postal employees retiring on VER in January As PostalReporter (correctly) reported in November, USPS sent out “Special Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) opportunity letters to eligible employees” at targeted post offices.  The VER letters were also sent to ” eligible employees within 50 miles” of the targeted locations. This VER (with no incentive) is limited to eligible APWU Maintenance & Clerk Craft employees. The Irrevocability date for this VER  is January 9, 2015 and the effective retirement date is  January 31, 2015. It should be noted that the VER was offered to postal employees at certain POST OFFICES in the Western Area and not USPS PLANTS scheduled for closure/consolidation beginning in January 2015.

OPM granted USPS’s request for a “special site specific Voluntary Early Retirement (VER).” According to USPS the “VER locations were selected based on sites that are currently overstaffed.” 

USPS changed dates for nearly all plants scheduled for closure in 2015

In October, the USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a report  “Lack of Service Standard Change Information in Area Mail Processing Feasibility Studies.” The report (Oct. 8, 2014) stated :

The Postal Service has not analyzed the impact of planned service standard changes or informed stakeholders of the changes related to Phase 2 consolidations. Specifically, management did not complete the service standard impacts worksheet in 91 of the 95 AMP feasibility studies. The other four feasibility studies did not include updated service standard changes in the service standard impacts worksheet (see Appendix A). The worksheet should detail the upgrades and downgrades between 3-digit ZIP Codes4 by class of mail5 and volume.

Fast Forward (Oct. 27, 2014) :

Approximately two months ago a USPS representative, after being questioned about the USPS OIG’s report, the closure of Tucson, AZ ’s Cherrybell processing center and others across the country , was quoted as saying:

Sarah Ninivaggi, a public relations representative with the Postal Service, said the closures will go ahead, but impact studies – including one on Cherrybell – will be conducted starting in January. She said her organization disagrees with the inspector general’s finding that it didn’t comply with requirements to inform the public of its plans.

The Cherrybell plant WAS scheduled for closure April 18, 2015 but USPS quietly changed the move date to July 11, 2015.

There were several articles on the  closure of Redding, CA  CSMPC to West Sacramento CA  scheduled for January 10, 2015. But USPS has quietly changed the move date to April 18, 2015.

As it stands now most of the plants are scheduled for closure/consolidation starting in April and not January 2015. In fact there are no plants scheduled for closure in January. The first graphic below show plants on the list that were already in the process of closure.

USPS closing bulk of plants starting in April 2015, postal employees retiring on VER in January

Also, USPS started the closure/consolidation process on more than half of  82 plants months ago. (see graphic below for partial list of the plants)

USPS closing bulk of plants starting in April 2015, postal employees retiring on VER in January

Finally, the following are graphics of the 24-Hour operations before and after starting in January 2015 (click on image for larger view)










24 hour

19 thoughts on “USPS closing bulk of plants starting in April 2015, postal employees retiring on VER in January

  1. Sorry Carvin, you believe this is Obama and the Democrats fault. You sitting down……….. the beginning of the dismantling of the PO began back in 2006 under Bush and his cronies to bankrupt the PO with the PAEA and open it up for privatization. So you go right ahead an continue to vote for the very same people who REALLY want the PO to blow away in the wind……AMAZING! Yes Obama hasen’t done much to help them out but this problem was handed to him by the previous administration, like most of the other problems he was give…….the ole “flaming bag of dog poo”. And now Obama is to blame.

    • You might wan’t to actually look at who sponsored the act. There was no Democratic opposition. In fact, Democrat/ Socialist Bernie Sander was a co-sponsor.

    • Mark….its like the push to invade Iraq. The big lie was perpertrated by the right which they then led the left to believe it. So to your oppostion point you are correct. So were the right being very good at selling a lie. My take is who started the lie, not who ended up believing it. Uh wasn’t the congress and presidencey led by the right during that timeframe? I know were the blame is to aimed…….
      The issue is not the Democrats “didn’t” oppose it. It’s the reasons behind why the right conconcted this law. And by the way is was sponsored by a Republican Tom Davis III from Virginia…sorry. Don’t you hate facts?

    • And by the way there was a voice vote in the house and a Unanimous consent in the Senate so there is actually no record of individual votes for this law…….so back to the sponsor and who controlled congress, thats all we have to go on….sorry. And the Republican presidents signature.

  2. What cracks me up is the problem is their is too much management. Almost every day i see 3 to 4 sipervisors and one postmastet sitting around a desk playing with their cellphones and i ger back late 5 mins and i hear it. There should be 1 postmaster for 3 to 4 offices. The supervisors do everything anyway when they are actually working

  3. Next time anyone goes to pay online read the fine print it is subject to change in cost at anytime meaning that if there is no longer a postal service they can charge you a fee for convenience, just like they do with payments on the phone at anytime they are just waiting for the postal service to look so bad that it makes it the only way you would think to pay your bills. The price of a stamp will look pretty good when they are charging you 5 dollars to pay online. Not to mention the prefunding ends in 2016 so all congress has to do is give the postal service a reprieve on payments of a couple of years and then they will be back in black by 2020, but then there would be no reason to cause stressful situations to promise voters “We will fight for you!”

  4. Imagine all this happening to the largest employer of the middle class in this great nation of ours. All of this happening under the watch of a president who preached CHANGE in his first campaign and totally abandoned the very people he pretended to represent. Shame on you Obama and the rest of the Democrats. I will never vote or trust you again.

  5. Why are these plants closing. We were told that every time that gas goes up a penny it cost the PO 1 million dollars. Gas has gone down in my area (Northeast) almost $1.25 per gal. That would have saved the PO about $125,000,000. If they really want people to leave how about OFFERING SOME MONEY. People will run to the doors and there will be nobody displaced. Where is my UNION on this.

  6. Only a law passed by Congress will stop the USPS from closing plants. While the OIG may make “findings” I don’t think there is any requirement that management has to follow them.
    I think the direction of management and the rest of us who have no choice but deal with whatever track they come up with will not be much different than it has been under Donahoe. Meg Brennan has been a long time protege and lackey of Donahoe’s, whose stamp is already all over the place. Makes sense in a perverted way, when you consider Donahoe isn’t about to replace himself with anybody he doesn’t think won’t help cover his ass after he goes.
    To have a PMG now that was inclined toward a dramatic about face, keeping plants open, not reducing the work force or mail standards would be appointing the enemy in Donahoe’s criminal opinion. Nixon didn’t pick Gerald Ford without knowing he’d get a pardon as part of the deal.
    I’m glad I’m not in management. Every time a new PMG gets in the management shits razor blades, not knowing what to expect, whose heads will roll, etc. It’s the same when a large business has CEO changes. But I stop short of sympathy because no postal worker is ever forced into management and the abuse they get from every angle. Some things aren’t worth a few extra dollars, and being a snitch and/or ass kisser is one of them.

  7. But I thought the Democrats in Congress liked unions and the Postal Service… Why did this not get stopped, while they were in control of everything… Only Congress can stop this… Why… liberals,,, why…?

  8. So they are conducting the impact studies AFTER the biggest impact required to make the closures happen (the changing of the service standards). This way they will be able claim in the impact statement that the plant closures won’t have an impact on service standards. The change service standards in order to be able to close plants has already occurred and is not the result of closing any particular plant.
    Figures don’t lie but liars sure no how to manipulate figures…..

  9. There are several people in my office that recieved the offer of early retirement. To the best of my knowledge, none of the affected workers will be taking the offer.

    • You missed out on the $15,000 offer 3 years ago, anyone who goes now will be CSRS who have their years in, they know that most retirement eligibles now are FERS and can’t afford to go. If they were serious about getting people out, they would offer the $15,000, and not have a short window to accept it.

  10. Gulfport P&DF, one of the last 6 or 7 plants due to close on September 31st, has been told that they won’t be going to the new 24 hour operations clock, a.k.a. – the final destruction of 1st class letter service standards. We’ve been told that this is due to the fact that we’re closing anyway. This should clue in everybody with their heads still stuck in the sand that Phase 2 IS indeed going to happen. Won’t matter much after the ‘modification’ of service standards goes through next week anyway…

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