USPS considers new safety protocol for drivers

8/10/17 MEDFORD, Ore. – The U.S. Postal Service is looking to implement some new safety protocols.

These discussions stem from some issues mail carriers face in the rural areas of Jackson and Josephine counties.

The ideal situation for a letter carrier is a circular driveway or a driveway that has enough space for a vehicle to drive in, deliver and turnaround before heading back onto the main road.

An idea is to install a barcode on the back of the postal vehicles, which would require drivers to get out, scan it to verify they’ve checked their surroundings before proceeding out.

Source: USPS considers new safety protocol for drivers | KTVL

11 thoughts on “USPS considers new safety protocol for drivers

  1. What data justifies such an ignorant wasteful practice? Backing accidents? If the employee won’t use the mirror to safely back, no number of scans or bar codes will fix it. If anything, it could make them use their mirrors less.

  2. Already in place in the Portland OR district. Get Out And Look, scan the barcode on the back of the truck, then back up. Problem is, the sticker fades after about a week in the sun, so maybe we will go back to sending RIMS alert message before backing or making a U-turn.

  3. You mean something that will take more TIME to do and make management just push all the more for “production”. Yes, safety is important, but the po doesn’t REALLY care about that. They just talk as if they do. What they really care about is speed, speed, speed, speed. Doesn’t matter how unsafe it is, just get that 12 hour or more job done in 8 hours or less.

  4. It would probably take all of about two days for the carrier to print up an identical barcode to keep inside the vehicle.

  5. That’s a brilliant idea if I ever heard one. Now the carriers will get run over by their own trucks when they get out to scan them.

  6. how about a protocol for postal mismanaging bureaucrats……IQ above 60, college degree in business and no nepotism hires , junk the failed “dieversity” (place is “dying” with it) reverse discrimination plan. they can not run a business so they do stupid things like this to waste more money. dumb as dirt!

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