USPS creates program to compensate management employees using privately owned vehicle

USPS Privately owned vehicle (POV) Program Announced – Postmasters

USPS creates program to compensate management employees using privately owned vehicleThe below POV Program has been established to increase the use of vehicles by EAS while covering the personnel with insurance.

In the current environment, anyone using their POV for postal use has been as risk.

The League has been asking for some type of coverage for PM’s when using their POV for many years. Ms. Brennan had promised to resolve this known issue and thus this POV Program was created. It is important to note that this program is voluntary. It is also important to note that your involvement may be cancelled by either the Postal Service or by you at anytime. This is completely on you and your insurance company and the Tort Claim Process does not apply as it does with carriers and other employees.

Please read the attached carefully before making your decision. This topic will be addressed in detail at your state conventions.

Privately owned vehicle (POV) Program Announced

ESA POV (Privately Owned Vehicle) Program (PDF)

8 thoughts on “USPS creates program to compensate management employees using privately owned vehicle

  1. at our PD&C if you stand out in front of building on Friday between 4:30-5:00pm you will see over 20 white fords with government plates drive off into the sunset…..going home for the weekend. how is that govt business? free gas? where is postal inspection? OIG? 30 miles east of NYC down the LIE!!!!!!

  2. Now, when a stupidvisor drives out to spy on a carrier using his vehicle, they will be paid. Oh how nice. Management will now enjoy lurking around trying to catch a bad carrier! They can pretend that they are James Rockford on the hunt.

  3. There is not enough government cars available? They are sitting in postal lots all over the country not even being used! This will be abused to the point it will never be solved

  4. About time I’ve been complaining about no insuance on these vehicles for years. My insurance company told me years ago if I used my vehicle for the postal service I wasn’t covered. The post master tried to tell me she checked down town and they told her I was covered and my insurance company would cover my car or any other vehicle involved. I told her my premiums weren’t paid down town they were paid to my insurance company and I quit using my vehicle. At present time in our office we have all routes covered with LLV’s. But management is having the subs use there personal vehicles to deliver parcels. So all these vehicles are on the street with out insurance. And probably all over the nation. What doesn’t the USPS understand that it is a law you have to have insurance not at ther descresion.

  5. This is ripe for abuse and bogus compensation claims…let them drive those white Pontiac G6’s!

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