USPS Customer Care Center employee fosters improvement

Need help? Anthony Moya is ready to listen.

Moya is a technical support agent at the Edison, NJ, Customer Care Center. He handles as many as 70 calls a day from Postal Service customers.

“Our goal is improvement,” he said. “Our job is to resolve customer concerns. Many of them are able to be fixed while on the call. Others require that we document, report the problem or escalate it.”

In addition to the Edison site, USPS operates Customer Care Centers in Los Angeles; Troy, MI; and Wichita, KS. Together, the four centers respond to millions of calls each year, part of the organization’s effort to strengthen customer service.

Moya started as a postal support employee in 2013 before becoming a customer care agent two years later. He’s also a member of his center’s change agent network, a program that promotes technical and work culture improvements.

“We act as the eyes, ears and voice of the change network,” Moya said. “We work with the project team and the local leadership teams to implement process and culture improvements.”

He enjoys helping customers and co-workers alike.

“I say, ‘Never hesitate to come to my desk,’” Moya said.


Technical Support Agent Anthony Moya enjoys helping customers and co-workers at the Edison, NJ, Customer Care Center.

source: USPS News Link

6 thoughts on “USPS Customer Care Center employee fosters improvement

  1. Want to fix the Postal Service? Fire every boss above first level supervisor, and then fire half of them. Their only concern is run every piece that can possibly fit on the machine, regardless if it’s supposed to be. Main priority is make good numbers for the upper level bosses. Stuff from the orient in a plastic wrapper that’s thin as a piece of paper and twice as flimsy on the APPS? No problem. Full size phone books on FSS? Yes, it happened! Clerk pulled them off before they were fed. And then, when the machine breaks because the PM gets rushed, if it gets done at all, who gets blamed? Maintenance, of course, cause it’s always their fault!

    It’s a wonder some of the machines run at all, let alone give acceptable acceptance rates! At some time in the future, they will literally fall apart, and Mail Processing will wonder why!

  2. The biggest improvement would be to get rid of the dead weight
    toolbags ruining the Service. These morons headed up by
    Muffin Meghen are useless, unethical, immoral and clueless
    individuals. Start at the top and get rid of the dead weight and
    watch how things improve. How are those new delivery
    standards working? What a joke.

  3. The Customer Care Center is a great place to work but you have to leave your problems at the door when you walk in. How are you going to help someone resolve their issues if you have more issues than National Geographic. There is only so much you can do to assist customers. It is not your job to solve the problems of every customer because you clearly don’t have that ability. All you can do is the best you can with the tools you are given. I’m tired of agents saying I can’t help the customer. Yes you can help the customer even if it is with a kind word and some empathy. Sometimes all that all you can do is document a problem. Well document that problem while displaying some kindness and some consideration. We all know that there are processes that need improvement and I believe that improvement is constant. You know better, you do better. I believe the USPS is well aware of the problems and the issues that need resolving. It can sometimes be frustrating hearing the same complaints from customers over and over again day in and day out knowing there is little you can do on your level. Like any organization every employee must do their part in order to succeed. This means that we must individually do our best and build up our own sense of what it means to achieve success. Always remember to take calls and not the let the calls take you.

  4. You can’t resolve issues caused by morons in management. Late deliveries due to refusal to properly staff offices, not doing honest counts and inspections, and closing plants that make it harder for customers who rely on dependable delivery times to get their much needed medications is something no phone jockey can fix, much less cover up. It’s all bullshit and I’ll wager those customers who do call are lucky if they can even get through. Hell, when I was getting my retirement paperwork processed, it took two days to get through to the retirement facility in Greensboro, NC!
    Why pretend to be concerned about the customer when you as an upper level manager never come in contact with one at work, and couldn’t give a shit less about anything but your bloated paycheck and year end bonus? It’s like hiring convicted arsonists to the local fire department.

  5. All Tier 2 agents should be trained to resolve all issues. Unfortunately managers pick and choose who they want to train in IC3 and Small Business causing customers to be transferred yet again. All employees with computer degrees should be IC3 trained and trained for IC3 escalations! USPS is not taking advantage of the educational or experience back ground of its employees although KSAs are to be used when applying for CCC jobs. Managers are not requiring KSAs. Email and Chat still has not been implemented.

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