USPS denies Lake City FL man’s claim after package delivered empty

11/21/17 LAKE CITY, Fla. – The U.S. Postal Service is denying a Lake City man’s claim after the package he paid to ship was delivered empty.

“They just plain stone-walled it. They’re not going to pay it,” said Terry Martin.

Martin said he shipped off a $329 aircraft radio for maintenance from the Lake City post office on Main Blvd.

When it arrived, Martin said the packing tape had been sliced through and the radio was gone

USPS denies Lake City man’s claim after package delivered empty

10 thoughts on “USPS denies Lake City FL man’s claim after package delivered empty

  1. What’s the problem here? He failed to file a claim in a timely manner. He should have proof of any claim he filed in a timely manner signed by the Service. Absent that, it’s his failure. Plus, he had opportunity to file an appeal. Did he?

    • Did you watch the whole video? He did file a claim within the time requirements. USPS claims they have no record of it. I would think as long as he has proof, usps should pay the claim.

  2. As long as it was scanned so mgmt. gets their bonus (if the usps is broke, why is mgmt. getting bonuses ?) that is all they care about.

    We literally hand a standup where the pm said service is NOT our priority. Amazon will be dumping this clown show soon, and then it’ll be lights out.

    We are witness to the destruction of the world’s best postal system solely due to it’s mgmt.

  3. Yeap, screw the customer again. It’s not like the USPS doesn’t have thieves working for them, they fire those employees all the time. WAKE UP USPS

  4. People stop shipping valuables with Usps insurance is a scam and there is all kinds of stealing of people’s stuff

  5. Some service. Management is totally at fault here. I’m sure a clerk who stamped the box “received without contents” alerted a supervisor, but it just shows that for some people in management clearly have no intent to right any wrong doing, are just lazy and don’t want to bother with it, and don’t want it looking bad on them. Probably all of the above.
    So management, we have all these wonderful commercials right now, full coverage bullshit pushing our parcel business, and oh-so-happy letter carriers gleefully delivering those precious teddy bear noses to Mr. and Mrs. Happy Citizen. But any more, it just amounts to false advertising.
    If packages are arriving safely at offices, and then delivered professionally to the customer, it is due to the craft employees. Managers are bullies and leeches, and will steal the credit in the form of “performance bonuses” at years’ end. I’m glad I’m out – it pissed me off to no end to know some worthless manager in a district or Area office was padding their pockets for the job I did. But it wasn’t seven months after retiring that I got the letter “offering” me the opportunity to go back and work during December to help with package delivery because of my “valuable experience”. That’s the worst month of the year, back breaking labor, and again, some idiot management personnel get the bucks. It’ll be a cold day in Hell before I ever consider doing any kind of work for the USPS again.

  6. There truly should be an investigation regarding procedures used in approving a claim. That’s assuming there is a process to determine whether a claim is valid.
    Because in reading this blog and seeing the examples given, it seems like ALL claims are denied.
    Any window clerks reading this, do legitimate claims get paid pr does the post office stonewall ALL claims?

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