Video: USPS ‘doing well,’ loss of $2 billion a congressional ‘hoax’ – Union boss


5/11/6 The US Postal Service has been hamstrung by Congress and the agency is not getting a single dime of taxpayer money despite losing $2 billion last year. But it’s not all bad news: The agency’s revenue went up five percent last quarter. Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers Union joins ‘News With Ed’. Dimondstein calls the situation a ‘hoax’ by Congress.

17 thoughts on “Video: USPS ‘doing well,’ loss of $2 billion a congressional ‘hoax’ – Union boss

  1. Does anyone really think the P.O. is “losing money”. Payroll is being met, purchases are happing and they are being paid for or these companies would not let the P.O. by anything. Look at all these new trucks being bought, would Dodge really make all these trucks and give them to the P.O. if we were broke. It is only how yoouo put it on paper that makes it look like we are in the hole by billions.

  2. This election is about more than just your postal job, this is about the future of America. Hillary will continue, in Obama fashion, to increase the national debt which is already at 19 trillion. The country will collapse under this much debt. We need a fiscal conservative, like Trump to fix this reckless spending. If this means a reduction to the Post Office, then, let it be so. If the economic system collapses your postal job will have no value. Think about it all you progressive, liberal, Dems out there. The future America for our kids and grand kids is more important than your job at the post office.

  3. Can’t wait to vote for Trump in case you missed it morons we lost money under Obama

    • But all the loss was just fine under Bush, huh. Not a peep out of you inbred idiots then.

  4. Mr. Expect the worst, you have got it right! If Mr. Dumpy Trumpy is elected, our country will look like Atlantic City N. J. just look what Mr. Dumpy Trumpy did to that city. That is just a sample of what he has is store for America. Has anyone noticed that Mr. Dumpy Trumpy has said that workers are over paid? And that the minimum wage should be cut ? No, too many Americans don’t listen to important words> They only care about the hate that is thrown around. U. S. Senator Huey Long once said “Never Underestimate the Stupidity of People”. He even wants to kill the Affordable Care Act. What then, people don’t need health care? It’s O. K. to use tax dollars for school sports, however it’s evil to us tax dollars for health care.

  5. We need human beings in power,who could actually get legislation done-not whining,crybaby ideologues,who actually believe they know what they’re talking about. Actually,the major postal unions,the APWU,the National Mailhandlers,did absolutely nothing,when the U.S. Congress pushed through this legislation in December 2006. So,ur unions r “Forest Gump”morons,too Or worse,imbiciles,which intellectually well below morons. Perhaps,a wheeling and dealing businessman,such a Donald Trump may be just who we need as the next U.S. President. And,we should be thankful each-day,that Ted Cruz is out of the presidential race. He was the only,who could actually have gotten his Idealogical rather right-wing agenda passed. Especially so,in a likely continued Republican party dominated U.S. Congress.

  6. If you’re losing billions a year and still meeting payroll, you can’t say you’re not using taxpayer dollars.

    These clowns lost all credibility when they stated that.

  7. Don’t worry Paul Ryan is working on this as we speak… And if you believe that I have some Florida swamp land I’d like you to look at!

  8. The republicans are the cancerous tumor that needs to be cut out before they become terminal and ruin us all Vote these creeps out .Wise up, you dummy republican supporters. They could care less about you or the country

    • I thought prefunding was going to last for 10 years, I think the 10 years is up now, does it end now? Not to mention USPS over paid some of those years.

  9. Why is it that the idiots in congress just wont admit that they and ex president Forrest Gump were out of their mind when the health care pre funding law was passed? If health care pre funding is so important for the Postal Service then extend the law to every other employer in America! We know why the pudwackers passed the law, to destroy the Postal Service. The pre funding law is but an artificial, unnecessary, invented, manufactured cost! End it now.

  10. It’s a damn rip off courtesy of the fucking imbecile George W. Bush and his GOP cronies who wanted a slush fund to dip their dirty paws in. And if we think Bush was bad, there is no telling what a Trump presidency would do to the USPS and its employees.
    Sadly, there are tons of postal workers who will vote for that maniac and control freak. Granted, Hillary Clinton is no bargain either, but if Trump gets in it would be a national calamity for all of us, and possibly a global one as well, as he can’t keep his mouth shut, knows jack shit about practically anything except losing fortunes and real estate and will treat the presidency like a dictatorship.
    If he is elected, I will hold those who voted for him after all this time who have had ample time to figure out what a psycho he is accountable. Stupidity is deadly, and for Donald Trump mining the stupidity of right wing/evangelicals it’s been an easy task.

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