USPS Fails to Deliver on Time, and DACA Applications Get Rejected

Dozens of immigrants who sought to renew their participation in a deferred-deportation program were surprised to learn that their applications had been rejected because they arrived late.

Lawyers in the New York area cited at least 34 instances in which applications arrived late, and the blame apparently lies with the U.S. Postal Service, the New York Times reports.


One application sent by certified mail on Sept. 14 arrived on Oct. 6. Another sent on Sept. 21 arrived on Oct. 9. They are among at least 21 applications that arrived late after processing in Chicago, according to U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Illinois.

The U.S. Postal Services has acknowledged an “unintentional temporary mail processing delay in the Chicago area.” U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has three intake locations, and one is in Chicago.

A spokesman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services tells the New York Times that it’s not responsible for the mail service, and there is no right of appeal.

DACA applications are rejected after arriving late because of lengthy postal delays

16 thoughts on “USPS Fails to Deliver on Time, and DACA Applications Get Rejected

  1. I retired almost 2year ago in very good standing from the Post Office in Waco Texas.The Post Office and the Station Manager Tim Knowles never even acknowledged my Retirement. In the past they have had a ceremony with fellow employees and present the employee with a Document suitable for framing. I never even got one in the mail.

  2. Temporary mail processing delay, my ass. You managers are hurting people because you refuse to adequately staff the offices across the country. You have long since abandoned any hint of “service” in the USPS and what’s worse is that you lie to the public, to Congress, to the media, and continue to steal money in the forms of “performance bonuses” when you are doing nothing but embezzling money. I’m glad the retirees are in the care of the OPM because you would screw our pensions and benefits up, I have no doubt. Keep hiring relatives, ass kissers and other unworthy people through the system. It’s always been management’s way to leave the good supervision and postmasters stuck in the offices because the ones they do promote are usually pathetic dishonest and supremely unqualified to be there. That’s why the good people have a hard time advancing – somebody has to know what’s going on. So upper level managers are left with the drek. It’s an insulating layer between competence and their schemes at the top. I could tell you stories of some people who made it into “the upper echelon”, as management described themselves once with a notice looking for supervisor candidates, that were absolutely horrible workers, both in productivity, reliability, honesty and in relations with other employees.
    To be fair, this is how American management operates. They are for the most part everything that’s wrong with business and the economy today. Embezzlers, sex predators, abusive and stupid, and anti-labor. USPS management is no exception.

  3. Just home after a 13 hour shift. We pushed DPS off the dock at 11:00 am Eastern time and later. Carriers on the street at what? 1:00 pm, dark at 4:30. OK it’s the day after a holiday but it’s routine to be 2 to 3 hours late, committed parcels sitting unworked, etc, etc. It’s shameful, someone should be indicted.

    Done in a year, I’m going to make it a blockbuster, they’re more than glad any of us stick around. Forget a career, it’s gone in 5.

    • Tim,
      Your answer has been visible for years, and steadily sending messages to the non unionized employees. Management lives on deception and trickery, keeping the masses away from the real issues that supports Labor. Congress has and will be the catalyst destroying the USPS from within, based on greed and corruption. So mgmt. wields the vehicle destroying the service. This U.S. has lived off the USPS for over 40 years with Congress blessings, and now Congress needs additional money for their coffers…. but the raping is on the backs of the retirees, and what a heavy Load to bear. Creating bonuses, and pay for performance based on withheld mail, or second pass on all mail to increase the mail count.
      Just a few examples from the inside cavity of bad intentions and mind control tactics. Many more answers to your question can be found in other locations where the same injustice is rampant.

  4. USPS is focusing solely on parcel confirmation scans especially AMAZON Parcels. Letters and flats are are piling up on the sidelines for days at a time, only getting sorted sporadically. Not even enough workers to load the sorting machines, machines that cut thousands and thousands of jobs. So where did all the cost savings go ?? Hiring thousands of managers and supervisors who have nothing to do with moving the mail but drawing a big fat pay check! Does anybody know why HEADQUARTERS MANAGEMENT is dead set on ruining the USPS??

  5. Way to go management! Keep it up till the Postal service is sunk. Then where will you work? Management spends most work time dreaming up discipline for the low life employees and cuddling coffee cups. They should spend time disciplining themselves because of their incompetence. there is a right way, there is a wrong way, and there is the Postal Service way.

    • Due to our incompetency, we have decided not to discipline ourselves because we can’t think of any form of punishment beyond slapping one’s wrist.

      Yours truly,

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