6 thoughts on “USPS Flats Sequencing System (FSS) locations and number of machines

  1. Management at our place sure knows how to run FSS. Have to beg and plead for a groomer. Not enough mailhandlers in the APPS side of the house? Easy. Steal them from FSS. Leave 2 mailhandlers to prep the run as it is being run. Fifteen minutes to prep 12 ACTs – four feeders running blow through that in 5 minutes – then twiddle your thumbs waiting for the next 12.

    And then the genius management cuts maintenance overtime. Now the runs take longer, there’s no people or time to do PMs let alone fix anything.

  2. This list should be updated: The Stamford P&DC(Connecticut) just got rid of the only FSS in the plant. Now management is pushing a lot of the flats onto any available DBCSs and breaking and disabling such machines,which were not manufactured to handle mail thicker than 1/2″.
    Another diabolical plan to destroy USPS equipment,and blame the employee for the absurd tactic of destroying flats in the DBCSs.
    In violation of Hanbook PO 408 Handbook,USPS management keeps removing DBCSs from the Stamford P&DC
    (7 DBCSs in total) eventhough the plant is in TBD status. The Unions doing “all they can” to stop them.
    The To Be Determined status means: No equipment or personnel should be removed from the plant!

  3. Middlesex Essex MA has 6 FSS machines. The machines do a number on the mail but management refuses to keep a mailhandler for grooming the mail to make sure it goes into the sorter section in the best condition. On a different subject it would be nice if the clerks and carriers in the AO checked the top shelf of the casters for mail and maybe put all the trays back into the casters before shipping back to the plants.

  4. Billions for these things and after the fact they find out it was cheaper to let the carriers sort the flats.
    Who approved this and what is their pay grade?

  5. FSS is one of the worst things the usps has ever done. on a daily basis the flats are all mixed up. upside down, backwards, other rts from same office, other cities, other states. it is a disaster. some days it is so fked up…mgt instructs up to case them. good job usps!!!

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