USPS gears up for another busy year

12/30/16 The start of 2017 marks the beginning of what promises to be another busy year for the Postal Service.

Throughout the year, the organization will continue its focus on its four core business strategies: delivering world-class customer experiences; engaging, equipping and empowering employees; innovating; and investing in the future.

It also will be another year of milestones.

The first stamp of 2017, Year of the Rooster, will be released Jan. 5.

Other stamps this year will honor President John F. Kennedy and Dorothy Height, one of the most influential civil rights icons of the 20th century.

First-Class Mail Forever stamp prices will change Jan. 22, along with prices for some shipping products.

The Stamp Out Hunger food drive will take place May 13.

The National Postal Forum, the mailing industry’s largest meeting, will be held from May 21-24 in Baltimore, while September will bring National Postal Customer Council (PCC) Week, an annual event that brings together postal and business customers at events across the nation.

Thanksgiving falls on Nov. 23 in 2017 — the second earliest date the holiday can occur, which means the peak delivery season will be a little longer than usual.


Source: USPS gears up for another busy year

6 thoughts on “USPS gears up for another busy year

  1. The organization is too top heavy….like former PMG M arvin “Carvin” Runyon stated: “if you don’t touch the mail, you’re useless overhead”.

    After Trump gets through with these inbred clowns on L Enfant Plaza and the Disrtrict Offices, it’s going to get ugly.

  2. next year will be better……2016 we lost $5.3 Billion…….2017 we a going for a loss of $8 Billion! yes, my bonus will reflect the increase, it always does! suckers.

  3. let’s see now…….. 2016 was a $5.3 loss… if we have more business can we top that wonderful red ink……with say a $8 Billion loss? We Need New Management-Period. I hope you are listening in President Trump! these dummies will never see black ink. never.

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