USPS GPS tracking of Letter Carrier leads to felony charge for throwing away mail

USPS GPS tracking of Letter Carrier leads to felony charge for throwing away mail

3/1/16 HAMMOND — Resident Al Lebioda said he is glad to hear charges were filed in connection with an incident in which he found more than two dozen pieces of discarded mail in a garbage can in the alley next to his home Dec. 20.

Former mail carrier Tonnette L. Beals, 36, of Hammond, faces a felony charge of official misconduct and a misdemeanor charge of conversion for allegedly throwing the mail in the garbage can. Beals’ next court hearing is March 21 in Lake County Superior Court.

Beals has denied throwing the mail away and reportedly said she had no idea how the mail got in the trash can, according to a probable cause affidavit filed by James Crane, a special agent with the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General.

According to Crane, officials tracked some of Beals’ movements that day through what is called a Regional Intelligent Mail Server. The data allegedly showed irregular movements on her route Dec. 19, particularly in the 7100 and 7200 block of Van Buren Avenue, and reportedly did not show her being present in the southern parts of the 7100 and 7200 block of Van Buren Avenue. Read more

USPS new Delivery Management System (DMS) tracks location of letter carriers

USPS To Monitor Carriers street delivery thru Geo-Fence Technology (GPS)

Here is hows JANETTE DOLABSON, President NALC Branch #2462 in Van Nuys, CA explains “Regional Intelligent Mail Server:”

Most of you know what RIMS and DMS is but for those of you who don’t, here it is in a nutshell: These are Virtual Street Management tools used to monitor carriers daily street performance. The focus is to improve Customer service with better scanning and more consistent and reliable delivery.

DMS (Delivery Management Systems) combines USPS software programs with GPS capability. It will allow a manager to identify routes and/or carriers that they believe require attention and possible disciplinary actions.
Unfortunately, the later seems to be the focus in some of the offices. Instead of improvement of customer service being their main objective, they are often using it only as a tool to target routes or carriers they don’t like. Management is using these tools for documentation of performance issues and using it for corrective action.

RIMS (Regional Intelligent Mail Server), provides real time data for the current days activities, or historical data for about a month for review. This data is often used to issue discipline or at least used to do a fact finding. It is very easy for management to see you out there without them actually being out there watching you. This class will give your representatives information that will help in dealing with this new rash of discipline stemming from these new “management tools”.


14 thoughts on “USPS GPS tracking of Letter Carrier leads to felony charge for throwing away mail

  1. Does management use GPS to follow the stupidvisors around all day? No, just the worthless slaves are followed. The slaves can’t be trusted! The Postal Service hires some one, then does every thing they can to fire the worthless employee.

  2. Rolando just got a afl-cio position, quit the nalc now, you cant serve 2 masters. Get real raises for real carriers, the ones that keep the wheels on the usps

  3. update….$7000 is chump change, latest story on postal reporter is Ohio Postmaster (female diversity queen) steals $160,000………..po mismanagement just a bunch of criminals in waiting!

  4. They cannot use GPS to issue discipline. Get a life,
    Do you remember They cannot issue discipline by
    use of the Mystery Shopper Program. Reality discipline
    is issued every day for failure of the Mystery Shopper Program.
    USPS brings in these programs and make agreements with the
    Unions that NO DISCIPLINE will issued for failure of these programs
    and the first time someone fails they are issue discipline for failure
    to follow directions. Another way of saying you failed the GPS
    or the Mystery Shopper Program by another name. I know it to
    be true being a Union Steward for over 20 years.


  6. how many felony charges would they find every day if they followed around the mismanaging po bureaucrats everyday… the story the other day of a MDO stealing a $7,000 night bank deposit drop that wound up at a po mailbox. we had a Plant Manager that was busted for embezzlement and was sent to west virigina instead of being fired. its a corrupt, unethical place, always has always will be. people are angry around the country about the state of the country……..lets hope when the political landscape changes this place will be busted up. losing 90 Billion since 2009 and giving a scam PFP bonus based on phony statistics is a criminal act. funny how this person could go to jail for throwing mail away, but Hitlery Rotton Clit’n is not in jail for violation of the espionage act with top secret & classified documents. never mind the illegal gun running operation in Bengazi that killed four Americans. I would like to see USPS busted up and sold off to UPS and FDX.

  7. Monday my Supervisor said I had a customer on the phone. Turns out the Sunday CCA misdelivered their Amazon package. I turned the phone back over to the supervisor since it wasn’t my mistake. Supervisor got on the computer and told the customer the CCA was in front of an address eight houses down when they delivered the package. Wanted me to go to that home, retrieve the package and deliver it to the correct address. So I get to the address where the package was suppose to be and there’s no package. Nobody’s home. The customer who is waiting on the package is outside pissed. It’s for his mother who needs it before she can travel back to her home out of state. I caught the brunt of the anger. I can’t get the package. The customer tells me the supervisor told her where the package was delivered and he can’t stand that resident. They hate each other. So I told them I’ll put a note asking the neighbor to leave the package outside and hopefully I can retrieve it tomorrow. That didn’t go over too well. Well, the next day comes and… parcel. The guy is livid. Threatens to beat the crap out of the guy eight doors down that had his package. Wants to have me fired just because I wasn’t working onSinday and didn’t deliver his parcel personally. Next thing you know his other neighbor right beside him comes out of her home with HIS package. It was deliver to her home. Not to the neighbor eight doors down. Yea….nice GPS.

  8. Fire them all. How about putting GPS on the thugs
    and tools to see what they do during their tour.

  9. over the last several years management has never came up with anything to help a carrier put mail in someone’s mailbox, under the curtain of better customer service, they use it as a dual action to punish carriers. What else does management have to do when a carrier leaves to the street? not a dam thing but to sit at a computer and track employee’s, they need a GPS monitor tied to their ass’s and you can track what they do! Not a dam thing.

  10. The focus is not to improve Customer Service with better scanning and more consistent and reliable delivery. Customer Service is not the focus of an inverted pyramid management scheme. And the daily increase of targeted individual scans (dictated by a mentally challenged HAL simulation) of customers mail is not only an invasion of consumer privacy, it is an effort to increase tracking capability of hourly employees. Talk to me. Am I wrong?

  11. What ever happened to following the Contract? They can not use GPS to Issue discipline!!! Where did the NALC branch president say that?

  12. Any letter carrier, city or rural who didn’t think some management people would use the scanners for harassment and discipline were either stupid or on their first day on the job. It’s a two edged sword. GPS tracking is not a bad thing in and of itself. I order lots of music you can’t find in most record stores being a semi-collector, and when my stuff is late, I want to know where it is and why I haven’t received it.
    Management needs to be realistic and fair. Somebody dumping mail, deviating way off their routes, grossly extending breaks, etc., need to be disciplined or removed if the incident is severe enough.
    However, with the parcel business exploding, we have much much more parcels to try to remember every day, and at 55 my memory is still pretty damn sharp but since I’m not a robot, I will overlook one from time to time, and although I hate it when it happens, I am not immune from a misdelivered package. It’s an honest mistake, and reasonable managers should recognize that. We deviate back to addresses where we overlooked a package, especially priorities, because we want our customers to get that package. Management must understand that, too.
    But there are always going to be assholes who use the slightest context to harass carriers and try to be big shots for their superiors. These types will use any and every excuse to be jerks and make carriers miserable. The last scanners we had were notorious for dying on the street, and for a month I told my supervisor it was, the last two scans not showing up.
    Well, the OIC in charge knowing full well the scanners were all dying, came up with the genius solution for 12 scanners that simply would not work – she issued us all letters of warning for scan failure. That’s the kind of bullshit we do not need.
    The USPS like the country seems to be infected with stupidity, extremely childish behavior and totally lacking in respect for anybody besides oneself. We as carriers should be above that behavior, but we’re not. Managers should be, too, but while some are decent enough, many are tyrants. I was the NALC steward in my branch for 17 years, and if faced with a possible disciplinary situation involving the GPS and DMS, I’d consult the NBA’s office and/or other branches who are dealing with this kind of crap. We know the scan requests are notoriously inaccurate, going off on the wrong side of the street, blocks off the target address or on the wrong street altogether. Argue the unreliability of the scanners any time you’re in hot water.

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