USPS has trained over 5,000 “engagement ambassadors” on how to improve workplaces

The Postal Service has shown more than 5,000 managers and supervisors how to improve their workplaces since the USPS engagement ambassadors program began in the spring.

The ambassadors are a team of 26 employees who are divided among the seven areas and headquarters. Each ambassador travels throughout their assigned territory, conducting classes for managers and supervisors.


The Postal Service’s engagement ambassadors are training managers and supervisors across the nation.

The classes last a day-and-a-half and cover the 12 principles of engagement developed by Gallup, a pioneer in workplace culture.

All 41,000 managers and supervisors will complete the training.

“The ambassadors are helping to change the culture of the Postal Service, one workplace at a time,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams. “In just a few months, they’ve made significant progress in their goal of helping every leader in our organization.”

The ambassadors were chosen from a pool of about 800 applicants. Each ambassador received extensive training from Gallup.

The Employee Engagement Blue site has contact information for all ambassadors.

Williams encourages everyone to familiarize themselves with the program.

“We look forward to our organizational leaders getting to know the ambassadors and benefitting from their guidance,” he said.

source: USPS News Link

26 thoughts on “USPS has trained over 5,000 “engagement ambassadors” on how to improve workplaces

  1. picture above makes me laugh………think if they sat in a class for one day at the Harvard Business School they would have any clue what was going on? good God are these po mismanagers at the low end of the gene pool! lets grade them-lost $95 Billion since 2009…………your grade is a big F! as in big Cluster F@@@!

  2. glad I purchased FDX and UPS stock the last 25 years with my overtime money. (maxed out TSP to the very limit) when I read these stories I just laugh at these low level, low IQ, gum-mint bureaucrats trying to play Fortune 500 Manager. losing $BILLIONS is no way to go through life. ROFLMFAO! bring in the clowns, they are already here!

  3. okay so managers who cheat the numbers get rewarded.
    Stewards who create drama get rewarded but when you have an actual supervisor who does their job they get beat up from the top and the bottom. And from the side from the union. Here’s the deal if I have 25 routes my average office time is 1.50 hours we have a 10 minute break. 80 minutes minus 42 minutes fixed office time that leaves 38 minutes for casing and pulling down mail. That levels me 1.52 minutes to greet , negotiate discuss prior days performance with each employee. If I am pivoting a route or two then I have to see more employees and give more instructions. If I have to do an investigative interview that takes me off the floor min for 20 that leaves me .80 seconds not a full minute with each employee. And with that you want me to change the climate. If I ask an employee about a missed MSP they want a steward because they feel harassed. If I ask an employee why RIMS indicates they spent an hour at lunch away from the route and used 30 minutes unauthorized overtime they want a steward. Really who’s being harassed. The supervisor. Who’s responsible the supervisor. Supervisors and managers work for the USPS and have been cheated out of pay for years both actual work hours and raises with the pitiful NPA. How does the USPS who is abusing its managers and having them multitask to an insane level expect their moral to be high. It’s crazy making. Instead of making these insain work schedules why don’t they try implementing 4 day work weeks. No they want you to create a Jon for 6 hours a day 6 days a week. When you could use the same people and work 4 days a week 10 hours. The six hour people end up working overtime because if your the poor fool who came to work you have to cover who’s out six because your coworkers are working 6 days a week. In addition you can’t switch days off and you’ve just taken a huge pay cut.

  4. Just one more flavor of the month, this is just window dressing so members of Congress get off their backs, I’ve heard from old friends that are decent people in management, that their meetings consist of 90% talks on how to screw the workers. I’m of the view now that the privatizers want to ruin this so the guys in the upper ranks can then set up their own businesses & rake in millions with a whole new lower paid class of abused peons that when they wake up will quit cause there’s no future in this. Guys they know what they are doing, I was warned years ago that this new ” write them up for the smallest thing ” was coming, & sure enough it was rolled out, what they didn’t consider maybe just how fast and furious the harassment would get so now they have to do a little damage control.
    The proof that this is all BS is like the Customer Perfect crap they didn’t even give up 1 iota of power as a good gesture of faith that they had in us, and so we all knew where that great program ended up.
    It’s a sick, sick, twisted sociopathic system, inhumane & horrible on normal people.
    One last thing, I am so proud that I talked 8 or more people from working there, I ask them do you have a drinking problem, or maybe getting divorced, hate life? I still do even tell people I meet not to though I’m out, no one & I mean NO ONE brings people in anymore, I don’t believe in torture.

  5. I think all postal EAS should have to rotate each day. Identify as a man one day and a woman the next so we can all feel close to them in the rest rooms.

  6. If a photo says 1000 words, and If I did not know the company in the photo. I would
    believe that they were at a Amway meeting. If you ever watched 60 minutes on
    CBS. The guy on the show telling the group that they were Eagles, and that they
    could fly. Maybe Tony Robbins, but the last I heard of him. The poor people that
    walked on hot coals got burnt. When you got money to burn, the sky is the limit!.

  7. Just when you think so-called management and their postal P.R. department has done the most ridiculous, asinine action, they come up with this. How much money is being wasted on salaries, per diems, etc., to pay for this glitter, unicorn and rainbow show while Megan Brennan and the other brain trust members at the top still claim losses of $ 5 billion dollars or more? How many lies have to come from headquarters before someone with at last 2 brain cells on the outside says this corrupt, dysfunctional company should be investigated? I can tell you in the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre facilities this WILL be a waste of time, resources and money. How can a supervisor and other culpable co-managers cover up sexual harassment, threatening and violent behavior committed by one of her favorite employees, and then threaten to fire the complainant, among MANY, MANY other things? This feel good show cannot and will not change the culture of corruption and mentality that has existed. There’s a saying which applies: you can’t change a tiger into a kitten just by stroking it!!!

    • You must be joking like a practical joke, right. Therefore, we will have more supervisors and managers diagnose with (3’s) super stupidity syndrome. And, some facility of feeling the 3’s syndrome at this moment.
      When, we have supervisors against supervisors its really sad time; because of the low class of employees of getting into management on a simple test; that I just starting laughing in the middle of the test and stop taking it. Whomever, came up with that test must had been drinking some moonshares…

  8. a word to the wise. You might want a copy of your work record before you
    end up screwed like me. I am the only one to still be alive after being poisoned.
    if you are looking for anything to be better dealing with rest of Government.
    please don’t, They are part of the same Problem. Maybe the families of the
    other victims are doing better because of their loved ones union. I was part
    of the rural Carriers Union for my life (22.5 years) need I say anything more. They say a tree is known by the fruit it bears, or not.

  9. Another waste of money. Even if there was the slightest chance you can change the present supervisors it will always fall back to the way it was. There has to be a clean sweep the District and Regional managers before any change will occur at the lower level. This is another attempt by Washington management to say we tried to improve the work place environment. They will never admit what the true problem is even yet correct it. Too many friends and relatives they would have to let go or as in the past promote to a higher position. Sorry I’m not buying this program as a fix to help workplace environment in the Post Office.

  10. garbage in, garbage out….would rather have seen a team come into the US Postal Circus from the Harvard Business School……….once again stupid, low IQ dolts putting on a dog and pony show! you just know the outcome will be like every other thing they do….failure! UPS, FDX, DHL, and now Amazon going into ground delivery (amazon just leased 50 Boeing Freighters) the “Circus” just dropped to 5th place lol. stock price= UPS $105 FDX $185 AMAZON $800 USP CIRCUS $0.00(lost Billions)

  11. Local postmasters and supervisors recently attended this class in our post office and found the ambassador was very outgoing and friendly. But the attendees were snobs and thought they were doing a function 4 at our place.

  12. The PO does not need to train anybody, they should get rid of all abusive asshole Postmaster”s , and that would improve the workplace.

  13. More bs , how about hiring people that can do their job for a change. How about
    if we had honest people. Instead of straight out crooks like we got. The united states
    is a hell hole by design. It is like the first people from going postal said. What was, and
    continues is a total mess. The only ones that make out are the well healed, their
    buddies, a very few that don’t get sucked in.

  14. Meanwhile, districts across the country, acting on orders from Areas and D.C. will continue to push local supervision and management to make employees do everything as fast and unsafe as they can and get away with it. It’s rather simple – you intimidate those who allow you to do so, especially PSE’s and CCA’s, and when they screw up because of the pressure you put on them can ’em and blame them for what happens.
    More experienced career employees are tougher targets – there are those who will always let themselves be bullied, especially in offices where union representation is very piss poor or non-existent at all, but in offices with stronger union reps, and wiser workers who know when the lines are crossed, management tends to back off because they know they’ll have grievances on their hands and draw negative attention from their superiors.
    This whole program on creating “engagement ambassadors” is about as effective and useless as pissing into a hurricane. It’s a direct result of the devastating polls taken earlier this year that revealed just how unlikable management turned out to be, and is nothing but blowing smoke. Nothing will get between them and their performance bonuses, promotions, personal satisfaction for those who get off on abusing employees, or other programs that are the fashion of the day. One day it’s MSP’s that get all the attention. The next it’s getting tough on 3996’s or some other equally time wasting effort that management screws around with trying to justify their positions.
    For those who have good offices to work in, as mine is at least right now, be glad. The only real way to assure you work in an office that does respect you and your work is to stand up for yourself. If your union officers are corrupted, vote ’em out. But you have to step up to the plate or continue to work in a hostile environment that, if you are doing a good job, you don’t deserve. Don’t let this ambassador crap fool you one bit – it’s only until the next surveys come out when management hopes we’ll give them better marks.

  15. I’m quite sure that management will now start to treat their employees with respect! Time to go to Las Vegas and listen to stand up comics.

    • You got it right, brother. Another layer of non-productives to be supported on our backs. I’m down to 700 calendar days, can’t wait for the last punch.

  16. In other words, the beatings will continue until morale improves. Did you ever hear the expression, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? They need to replace most of the managers, the culture of us against them is so ingrained it won’t be changed with 1 1/2 days of “training”. After 28 years of working here I realize this is the only multi-billion dollar organization in the world that would put someone with a GED in charge of one of its units. The trouble with the Post Office is they can’t get anyone to be supervisor so they let anyone try it and we usually end up with the lazy or power hungry crazy people. If they really want to improve the attitudes of craft employees, fire a few incompetent managers instead of just shuffling them off to somewhere else.

  17. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Ambassadors of harassment
    and bullying. Good luck to all you new workers

  18. You want a better work place? Start with giving carriers autonomy over our own cases and not force us into single inch slots in the name of “efficiency”.

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