USPS hiring more carriers as “last mile” package delivery continues to grow

USPS hiring more carriers as “last mile” package delivery continues to grow

photo credit: USPS OIG

The U.S. Postal Service is looking to hire more city and rural carriers as “last mile” package delivery from, FedEx and UPS continues to grow.

“We’ve really been growing the package business,” said Jim Herrmann, USPS district manager, during an interview Monday in Cedar Rapids. “Cedar Rapids-Iowa City is part of the Sunday delivery, and when they gave us Sunday delivery, they gave us the majority of Monday-through-Sunday delivery.

“In the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City area, we see 40 percent parcel growth rates on what we are delivering.”

Herrmann said the number of postal employees retiring also is driving the need for more people to deliver the mail.

Following on the successful response it received at a similar event in November in Des Moines, Herrmann said the postal service is holding a job fair from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday in Iowa Hall on the Kirkwood Community College campus.

“We had almost a thousand people show up when we were hiring clerks for the holiday season,” Herrmann said. “The majority of them were already employed, but looking for a better job.

“This time, we’re really targeting toward city and rural carriers. We will have a few jobs for clerks in Cedar Rapids or the area, but for the most part we are looking for city and rural carriers.”

Postal service hiring more carriers