USPS: Informed Delivery benefitting postal employees

Informed Delivery is proving popular with residential consumers, including some who know a thing or two about the mail: Postal Service employees.

The new feature, which USPS rolled out nationwide in April, provides residential consumers with digital previews of their incoming mail.


Detroit District Employee Engagement Specialist Shannon LaBruyere uses Informed Delivery to preview her incoming mail.

Postal employees are among Informed Delivery’s most enthusiastic fans.

“Seeing the mail that’s being delivered helps me plan my day, and I retrieve my mail more regularly when I know what’s waiting for me,” said Shannon LaBruyere, a Detroit District employee engagement specialist.

Rick Kimball, a part-time flexible employee in Farmersville, CA, said the feature helps him plan his daily errands.

“I really like being able to see what’s coming … or just knowing if something I wasn’t expecting is in the mail,” he said.

Gaye Ibara, a Kapalama, CA, letter carrier, said receiving her daily Informed Delivery email has become part of her morning routine.

“I tell everyone I know to sign up for it,” she said. “Everybody is happy to get a heads up about what they’re getting in the mail, especially when they’re waiting for something special.”

The Informed Delivery pages on Blue and LiteBlue have more information for employees.

source: USPS News Link

7 thoughts on “USPS: Informed Delivery benefitting postal employees

  1. What a waste! Maybe hire more supervisors too so we can dig a deeper hole. Hoe about just delivering the damn mail.

  2. There’s no Shannon LaBruyere listed as being employed on the USPS employee database.

    There is however a Michael LaBruyere employed as a Customer Service Specialist in Royal Oak MI, making 72 grand a year.

    So this “Shannon LaBruyere” is obviously a professional model hired to make the USPS look good.

    Thus the sterilized cubicle…the whole picture is a fake…business as usual for the clowns in the Postal Circus…SMH

  3. That photo looks like that cubicle hasn’t seen any work in 20 years, kinda like most of detroits labor force. What the hell ya gotta lose?

  4. Really. Are you kidding me? I get everything from banks to bills in email format. Why would I add another layer of time wasting to my daily routine for junk mail. C’mon PO, haven’t you’ve wasted enough time and money on these idiotic programs?

  5. What kind of title is that “Employee Engagement Specialist?” Does this person plan the wedding when two employees become engaged?
    An EAS position no doubt. Level 17 or 18?

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