USPS investigating after video shows mail carrier kicking packages up driveway in Utah

6/2/17 LEHI, Utah — The Postal Service is apologizing and pledging to take action after a video posted on Facebook shows a mail carrier kicking a pair of packages up a driveway.


The video was shot in Lehi Friday.The footage, which is embedded below, appears to show the carrier dropping the packages near the sidewalk before kicking both packages several times to maneuver them up the driveway into the vicinity of the door.

Source: Postal Service investigating after video shows mail carrier kicking packages up Utah driveway |

11 thoughts on “USPS investigating after video shows mail carrier kicking packages up driveway in Utah

  1. Our ccas just dump amazons on street next to mailbox, they don’ t get filmed on the street. Boss doesn’t care because it saves time. Rhat homeowner should be happy that the parcel made it to his sidewalk

  2. So what
    Little does the homeowner know, postal workers work under camera, peep holes and one way mirrors all together everyday.
    Your asking someone that is immune to being filmed to go, oh my.
    No way, no how, we postal workers live our lives under camera, to the postal worker world, this camera means nothing.
    Sorry pal that thought this little camera action is such a hype. We are filmed from when we go into work, watched from one way mirrors, and peeped at from the ceilings
    ha ha ha
    I see nothing wrong here.

    • How right you are. Here in Michigan they were showing on the 6.00 pm
      news . A guy in one of our Postal Lobbies with a gun in the back of his
      pants. I trained in the old Jackson Post Office which had a FBI office upstairs. When at work for the Government plan on saying cheese.

  3. No doubt it’s a CCA with no uniform. I warned my local management before I retired and the CCA program was first being rolled out that we would be flooded with incompetents and crooked jerks who would soon tire of the hard work and get totally reckless and irresponsible because they knew regulars who were topped out were getting almost double what they were, and they had no sick leave, benefits, or decent union protection.
    Management was trying to cut costs as usual, and in their inimitable way, thoroughly fucking it up. They obviously didn’t care about the overload they’d put on CCA’s, and smart ones would find out quickly they could get the same pay with better benefits in much more respectful atmospheres, not to mention having to stay out late, sometimes after midnight, get chewed out for misdelivering mail while trying to get maybe two routes done in the same day.
    I had a very large route of 1000 stops but I was well experienced and delivering mail and remembering names and orders came easy for me. For others it is not that easy, and pushing CCA’s to the limits of their physical and mental endurance, harassing the living shit out of them as tons of low level supervisor jerks did, knowing that they could be as ruthless and get their jollies acting like the big man as they wanted to be does not bode well for accurate delivery, not to mention fatigue, lack of personal time and having no guarantee of a career position.
    That supposedly changes if the contract is ratified as CCA’s will be made career employees if they have served a specific amount of time, but it’s only for them. Other CCA’s with less time get no break.
    It doesn’t excuse this nimrod from handling packages this way. No matter how much time it takes, no carrier should do stupid shit like this. Management has to allow the time to do the job right, and they must accept the fact their bullying and abuse is as big a contributor to this kind of performance as the carrier’s own bad decision making, especially when we need to understand everybody has a camera on them any more.
    It’s interesting how they can be such runners and lazy as hell at the same time, but the union needs to be much more aggressive about the work environment these CCA’s work under. Long time regulars are pretty well set in their routes and have job security, with less management interference in most reasonably run offices. Therefore it’s easy to ignore the CCA’s even though we collect dues from them, too. Plenty of blame here to go around.

  4. This guy isn’t in a uniform so I’m guessing he’s a CCA. He will not be fired over this because he is a CCA and there’s a management order not to fire CCA’s. So why should this kind of behavior stop?

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