USPS investigating mail carrier claiming anything with Eid Greetings stamp will be “lost or destroyed”

A Woman from California wrote on Facebook that anything with EID Greetings stamp on it will be lost or destroyed in the system ….

From Buzzfeed:

The woman identifying herself as Catherine An Ray shared a Facebook post by Pamela Geller, labeled an extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center for her anti-Muslim views, on Monday criticizing the release of the stamp “in wake of Orlando Ramadan mass murder.”pr16_049

“[As] A US Mail Carrier I can personally assure everyone here that anything with this stamp on it will be lost or destroyed in the system before is [sic] makes delivery. Guaranteed,” Ray wrote in sharing the post.

The USPS now trying to determine if the woman is an actual employee.

“At this time we cannot confirm if the person involved in this matter is a postal employee, but we can assure you that the incident is being fully investigated and that the Postal Service will take whatever action is appropriate,” Toni DeLancey, a spokeswoman for the postal service, said.

Refusing to deliver mail would result in the employee being fired, she added, noting that the USPS prohibits discrimination and harassment in any form based on religion, race, creed, color, or national origin.

The delay or destruction of mail is also federal offense that can result in jail time.



9 thoughts on “USPS investigating mail carrier claiming anything with Eid Greetings stamp will be “lost or destroyed”

  1. boy oh boy postal reporter citing that Communist Party USA front group Morris Seligman Dees Jr Southern Poverty Law Center as a legitimate source …………….the most radical left wing commie nuts on the planet. right up their with the Rosenbergs of sing sing fame. oh Pamela Gella, an American, can not have her freedom of speech rights because she calls out that muslim mutt in the white house on his flooding of America with his radical islamic terrorist friends. keep pandering to the low information, gruber voter postal reporter! Trump/Sessions 2016! Trump is correct on Obummer being the worst US President! Jimmy Carter can now relax!

    • First Amendent protection isn’t applicable–she has the right to say it but not to do it (destroy mail). Also free to hate Muslims and disapprove of the stamp subject. But a statement made regarding something they’d do during their job duties or the actual destruction of mail would be covered by USPS code of conduct.

      • Easy enough to see that there is no one by that name employed by Postal Service, but many use aliases on Facebook, and getting info on that is a little more difficult. I’m sure they do know that she’s not an employee but probably holding off until she gets a visit from the Postal Inspectors. They couldn’t charge her with anything, probably just caution her about false statements.

  2. So the retired hot-shot FBI agent who’s head of cybersecurity fot the USPS can’t confirm whether or not this individual is an employee or not?

    You can’t make this crap up!!! SMH!

    • I’d say not a postal employee. No carrier I know refers to themselves as a “mail” carrier. They all say LETTER carrier.

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